CGM sites

Hi! I was diagnosed with type one diabetes about six months ago. I have a Dexcom G5 sensor that I’ve been switching off sites on my abdomen, I know I can also put it on my arms and legs but I was just wondering if I wear skinny jeans or leggings, or any type of tight pants Will that affect the transmitter? I know the trainer told me that if I put too much pressure on the sensor it won’t transmit and will show a lost signal I was wondering if that would be the case with any type of form fitting pants. Also, I do taekwondo and I’m nervous to wear the sensor on my arm; does anyone else play a contact sport and have any tips about wearing the sensor on my arms and legs and making sure it is securely attached? Any advice would be appreciated as I continue on this new journey.


Don’t know about the skinny jeans part as our 14 year old son is usually in some athletic or lounge wear. That said, he is very active and hasn’t had issues with Dexcom or Omnipod for sports. He has worn his Dexcom on his upper buttocks and also the back of his arms. During basketball, he has used Diabands, available on Etsy, to keep the sensor protected and secured. They are essentially Lycra fabric bands that you can slip over your arm and they act as a tight sleeve over the site. Hope this helps, good luck!

Hey, I started using a CGM and sensor about 6 years ago. I started using it on my abdomen, but I had problems with scar tissue in that area so I now wear it on my upper butt/hip, just below the underwear line. I have had a couple sensors stop work before due to tight clothing, so just know that it is possible, but doesn’t happen very frequently. Sometimes I put an extra piece of tape over it if I am worried about it being secure. Best wishes to you!