My baby was recently diagnosed we are I Livonia school district I fought with them trying to get 504 plan done they refused wanted an IEP. Then wanted me to let the janitor ( whose husband has had t1 since 5) give my baby her shot NOPE f that!!! I left work daily to give her injections lost 1.5 hours daily I’m tired. Depressed. Angry. Now I’m on mood stabilizer I’m not mad at my baby I’m mad at this disease it has messed our lives up! I go to counseling should I put my baby in counseling??

It may not be comfortable at all. But it may be worth a shot to at least talk with the janitor. Maybe at least you have someone at your baby’s school who knows something about t1d. In middle school the closet person was another school member and a teacher who’s dog had t1d. They both turned out to be big help. And in high school I had one teacher I could talk to till she left halfway through the year…

And now you have a huge group of people who can will help. Welcome to TypeOneNation

hi @ncavitte NIkki,

first - sorry to hear about your daughter’s recent diagnosis and I hope you have access to an endocrinologist and CDE.

an IEP can be more powerful than a 504, and an IEP includes specific and explicit medical information just like a 504. The school may be playing politics with the IEP it may be easier for them to demand the proper teaching aid/nurse aid from the school administrator if you do agree and fill out an IEP.

my son has an IEP and because of non-diabetes issue, his medical needs are fully met in the IEP.

I can’t really comment on the janitor but the school is allowed to have a designated alternate for testing and insulin if that person is qualified. Often times it is a office person with the proper training.

If your daughter is having emotional difficulties then counselling would help. Please consider reading “Think like a pancreas” for blood sugar/insulin issues or ask the forum for non-professional opinion. take care.