Medtronic Minimed pump clip problems

Does anyone else seem to have regular problems with their pump clips (either belt clip or holster).  They seem to break on me once a month on average.  Its really annoying and expensive to keep replacing them!

not once a month, but defintely been a problem

Yes mine would last about 5 mouths and than they would brake. My mom says they brake because I sleep in them...I now use a cell phone case...and have been for the last 6 mouths.

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I used to go through a case every month or two. my mom stopped buying them for me about a year ago so i either dont use a clip, or I use a cell phone case, they are the perfect size for my pump and are way cheaper than minimeds clips and cases!!!!!

My husband broke his case a few times and we got them to send another one at no cost

Yeah I got tired of those clips breaking too. I used to use a paradigm but I swithched to injecting "Novo-Nordisk Levamir and Novolog" about three months ago. The pump was too high maintenance. I never thought I would ever inject again but it is alot less expensive and less of a hassle. My BG's are good and my HG1C has only gone up slightly. "Just my story and I am not trying to discourage pump user's". I used to duct tape or reverse engineer my clips because I got tired of paying for them, "especially these day's".

Yours Truly J.R.

When I first got the pump I thought the clip would be the first thing to go, and have been pleasantly surprised by how robust it has been.  I've had it 9 months now and not broken one!

I clip my pump onto my pants or tights, which are a bit thinner and can keep secure under my clothing, rather than onto jeans etc which is a thicker material.  If I wear jeans I keep the pump in my pocket.  I try to unclip it overnight, just keep it on the bed beside me.

I've used the same belt clip for maybe 5 years with no problem.  Wear it 24/7.  

I usually clip it to my waist, but tuck it in my pocket with jeans.

I used to where it all the time, now I find it easier to put in my pocket with a hole cut at the top of the pocket for the tubing.  Not only did the clip break - it really was not comfortable to me.  On longer hikes I use a case with my belt strapped to it.  

I find that the clip is very bulky and clumsy. I've only used it about 5 times in the past 3.5 years. I usually just put my pump in my pocket or tuck it into my pants. Does Medtronic make any other clips that aren't as big as the one that comes with the pump?

Yes! I am on my 3rd one in 6 months and at 12 bucks a pop, that starts to add up!

Would be happy to mail all of mine that I have nver used.

You might try to order a case from a company called “Ripoffs” They make cases for many items. They are heavy duty and last very well. They have a metal clip.