I've never really had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. Should I give a guy who asks me out the whole long description of what diabetes is before a first date? Is that too much? Should I just warn him that I might go low or high and tell him about the glucagon shot I'll need if I pass out? HELP!


Also, does anyone have any stories about things that have happened on dates (especially first dates)? It would be really helpful to be prepared, and I know sometimes people have hilarious/scary stories that won't really have an impact on anyone except other diabetics.

Thanks in advance to those of you who respond.

It's not as big a deal as you might imagine.  On most dates you'll eat at some point, which is a great time to say you've got type 1.  I usually went to bathroom to test or shoot up (didn't get a pump until after I was married).  Take glucose tabs or candy with you so you can treat a reaction easily.  I wouldn't say anything about glucagon, but just tell him if you act weird that you need candy or a coke or something with sugar.  

Can't remember anything weird happening on a date because of D.  I knew my husband was "the one" because after our first date he researched diabetes and read a couple books so he could understand what I was dealing with.  Any good, long term partner is going to be supportive of you and your diabetes.

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It's getting late here, and this discussion is a bit older so idk if you guys will receive notifications that i've even posted this, but Jenner, I'll get back to you about the stories, I've got a ton. :)

I wanted to go out on a limb and ask the communities opinion on dating, how is it done, how is it started, what should i be looking for? I'm in college, i've had plenty of girlfriends, some really great relationship, some really awful ones, but regardless, none that have lasted, I think that a major issue is my own ability to communicate what i'm going through due to my diabetes, I want to find that individual that will care enough to listen. :/ its a rough subject. I know she's out there, i do i do, I just don't know what to do. grrrr, okay, Jacob out, it's time for the lights to be out to. :) Thanks for the advice.

Personally, when my fiance and I started dating I just told him before the first date that I have Type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump.  He was interested enough in me that he wanted to find out more about my diabetes and looked it up/read about it.  He began asking questions as we began dating -  but I never pushed to provide info. I just answered his questions until we were both comfortable with it.

i have an amazing boyfriend at the age of 16 17 in 19 days... but at first he didnt know but then i told him and he really wanted to know so that if anything ever happened he would know how to help... he is great :)


i always warn every guy that i meet that i am a diabetic. If they are interested about it and want to know more then i tell them. I do not want to overwhelm them or tell them about it if they are not interested but then again if they are not interested i do not think things would work for us. I personally want to date someone who is willing to help me take care of my diabetes and shows a caring interest about it. If things get serious with the guy then maybe i would tell him a little more about your diabetes just so he or she has a warning and an idea of what to do if something were to happen to you when you are with them.

As for the first date, just act like yourself! Dont act like someone your not and just be polite. If you dnt feel it is going to work just finish the date and then politely send them a message explaining its not going to work.

Good Luck!!

Talking about your diabetes is like sex. You need to take it slow. On the first date, they should know that you have it. But until the third date they shouldn’t see too much. that is not to say that you cannot test yourself and give yourself insulin on the first date; you should. (hold back on the emotional repercussions). Give them YOU before your disease. If they ACTUALLY like you and are worth dating then proceed as usual. If not, cut your losses.

I’ve been married for 11 years now so it’s been a while since I was on the dating scene. But when I was on a first date and we went out to dinner I was just very matter of fact: I’d take out my BG meter (this was before CGMs) and ask my date to please excuse me - I’m diabetic and need to check my blood sugar before I eat… I didn’t have tons of boyfriends before getting married (nothing due to diabetes - I just didn’t have the desire to date a lot), but most of the ones I went out with had relatives or friends with diabetes too. If they didn’t know about it or were curious, it was an icebreaker. When I started using my pump and CGM those helped break the ice as well, but if course that assumes the person is open about discussing it.

You can tell him you’re a diabetic before going on a date, so he won’t question what you’re doing with the million of questions non-diabetics may have. I told my dates about having it and that I would have to check my blood sugar with a needle before eating to make sure they were fine with seeing that. Most of them were interested in knowing more and we talked about it over dinner! I definitely wouldn’t let it be the main topic on a date though. Do not worry if it’ll go low or high, even if you are nervous. Just keep snacks with you at all times and your glucagon! Feel free to tell him/her anything you would like them to know about diabetes, especially if you think you may have potential problems.