Computer driver for Dexcom G5 receiver

When I connect my Dexcom G5 receiver to my Windows 7 computer using the supplied USB2 cable, the computer says the necessary driver is not available. I’m not seeing this information in the User Guide. Where can I find it?

I have never been able to link my G5 so I cannot make the data available to my diabetes care team for possible adjustments and the Dexcom support system is one of the worst no help from them.

Hi Larry,
I got copy of the Dexcom Share/Follow user guide. The guide says that the G5 receiver is not capable of sending data to others which would explain why the G5 won’t link with my computer. I think it’s reasonable to believe that it would because of the USB port. Dexcom wants the comm feature to be used with a smart phone. The Share/Follow guide is all about using a smart phone. Thanks anyway for your comment. Perhaps this thread may help someone else in the future. Perhaps you have, or would want to get a smart phone for your diabetes care team.

Try the Dexcom Clarity app, available in the Apple App Store. You sign in and the app automatically uses your data from your G5. The app creates wonderful reports, and allows you to share data with a clinic or doctor by either sending them a link to the report or by entering a code which allows them to follow your data. Really useful, valuable tool!