Dexcom G4 w/pump vs G5 w/app

I wear the Dexcom G4 and it is linked to my Animas Vibe. Dexcom just sent me the G5 transmitters rather than the G4 and when I called to exchange them I was told I could just use the app with the G5 if I wanted to keep them and make that change. I was considering doing that but just looked at the app and the reviews are horrible! Most of the complaints are about the lack of a mute option with the latest update though, so I can’t get a good read on how the app is in general.

Can anyone give me some tips? Let me know what you use and what you think.

I’m happy with the G4 and like that it ‘talks’ to my pump so I don’t HAVE to have anything else with me. But I like the idea of using an app and updating to the G5. I assume that would mean I’ll always have to have my phone with me though, correct? I usually do but don’t love the idea of it being a necessity. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so the lack of a mute button isn’t a big deal for me if that’s the only complaint with the app at this point.

Thanks for any information you can provide!!

I have the Dexcom G5 & use the app all the time. One thing that I really like is I can also use the app on my Iwatch. On the watch face I have my current glucose reading with the arrows to let you know if you are moving up or down too quickly. The low or high glucose alert is loud & use have to open the app to accept the alarm. If you don’t it will keep beeping. You can adjust your readings for alerts (I have mine set on 60 for low & 300 for high) so I get less alerts. The alerts on my iwatch are not as loud, so I leave my phone in the kitchen when I go to bed. I have a Medtronic pump, so it doesn’t interface, I need to enter my reading into it. When I got the G5 they told me it interfaces with the animas, but the G4 is like a step down. I really like the app & the iwatch interface. You can even send alerts to up to 3 people, so for example if you were on you way to work & your blood sugar drops it can alert your spouse. Great for parents with kids in school or even away at college.

I have exactly the same situation as you. I purchased the G4 specifically because I wanted to see the CGM data on my pump and not depend on an extra piece of equipment to carry with me, especially when I travel. The situation, for me, is perfect. I also have a receiver on which I can read the data and has alarms. I easily hear the alarms, and it is the most accurate CGM that I have worn. My problem now is that I connect with the Tslim pump which connects with the G4 and that pump is becoming outdated.

What might also influence your decision is that the G5 has now been approved for dosing insulin without finger sticks. It is the only CGM to receive this approval.

I have had Type 1 for 54 years, reached Medicare age and Medicare has not insured the CGM until recently when it was decided by the governemnt that it will insure the G5 but not the G4, due to the FDA ruling about the G5.

Medicare will not approve the upgrade to the G5 for insurance coverage. A real Catch 22 situation.

If this sounds like a maze of thoughts it is, sorry to say. But for you, I would say to stay with what works best for you unless you need insurance coverage that requires a specific device.

Anyone else in this situation with Medicare and the G5?