CGM confusion

So finally caved in and got a cgm ( I hate anything attached to my body) it reiterates how damaged I feel/am. Anyway… I received a g4 platinum Transmitter but I am having a hard time connecting it. I am thinking I have a g5 receiver (looks like a black blackberry). Is this why I can’t get it connected? Any help is appreciated- pharmacist was unsure.

Hi Michelle @Mlp1124, I do not think the G4 platinum transmitter is compatible with the G5 Mobile receiver. The G5 receiver reads Bluetooth and I believe that the g$ uses another transmission method. I could be mistaken.

Your best bet is to call Dexcom - use option #3 “for new users” - those people are awesome - at least they were when I got my first stuff.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the response and will do that