Dexcom supplies

Boy, just have starting using my CGM and I found out my insurance will not pay anything on the supplies. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can get some help?
I need this unit so badly, my Mother lives with me and I have a Big problem with not waking up in the mornings because of low blood sugars. I get up at 2:00am every night just to check my bs to make sure I am not too low or going lower. My mother is not well and I need to take care of her instead of her taking care of me. I wondered, before Dexcom what I would do after my mother passes on. I am hoping the CGM works out but the cost of supplies is reallying hurting me.
I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions.

I had that problem in the past until I started eating something with a lot of protein content before bedtime, or during the night after sleeping a few hours. Your 2 AM check would be a good time for that. Depending on your level at that time, you could =ave some fast acting carbs combined with protein, or just some protein alone. The protein lasts a long time and should hold you until you get up in the morning. I used to use peanut butter and crackers. I experimented to determine how much of that I needed, and then I ate that almost every night to avoid morning lows.
Now I use a pump and a CGM, and my control is much better. I rarely need a snack during the night.
There are Dexcom support groups on Facebook that might help you with getting Dexcom supplies.

The Medtronic pump with the THRESHOLD SUSPEND has been a lifesaver for me. It requires the Enlite Sensor w/my pump. If 2 am is a problem for you, as it has been for me, I set an alarm clock so I get up and test around 2 am. A long acting carbohydrate helps for me before bed. The CGM is a lifesaver.

Hi Joyce,
I realize it’s been a year, but I’m wondering how this has worked out for you. Are you still using the Dexcom? How did you address the insurance situation? How’s your overnight going?

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