Celiac disease

I was wondering how common it is for diabetics to have celiac disease.  I saw a number of post on it, but it was so mouch to read through to figure out if a lot of people accually have it.  My doc told me today I "may" have it, and I though he was crazy untill I saw that it is another autoimmune disease.


My older brother who is not a diabetic told my momif she kown that a lot of people have celiac disease. She said yes and that it is common in people that have diabetes too.

I have had type I diabetes for 22 years, and was diagnosed with Celiac's disease 13 years ago.

I wasn't aware of Celiac's disease before this, although I did suffer from a lot of "stomach" problems. It was by chance that the diabetes clinic I attended was conducting a study on type I diabetes and Celiac disease - it was through this study (blood work and biopsy) that it was confirm.

I think the two are becoming more common. I am from Canada, and this is what the Canadian Diabetes Association has on its website:



I've seen estimates that celiac disease occurs in about 5-7% of type 1 diabetics. I've also seen estimates that about half of these show no symptoms of CD.