Can someone explain..?

Hey, I was just wondering if someone could explain to me how the American blood sugar system works? Like what I mean is, what's considered high, normal, and low? Thanks.

For me 80 and below is low

normal 81-145 (that's what my doctor wants)

I would say above 250 is high! 


but that's my opinion



Published normals are 80-120, fasting blood sugar under 60 is shown as abnormally low, technically over 120 will be high - postprandial is likely to be a bit over that for those of us in insulin...

If you're in need of quick conversions, I always keep this site:  in my list of links - instant conversion either system and gives you an idea of what the A1C would be for that number, too 



Thanks you guys, it's always confused me!

Actually, I had the same question about the Canadian system...

GINA -- we should put a conversion calculator on our homepage. I'd so use that!

my son who's 5, his doctors like him to be in the range of 6-12 mmol's, a conversion chart would be kind of cool, so when we see others posts, we would have a concept of just how high or low someone is..

Goals are the same, just how we measure. Metric to American times 18, American to Metric divide by 18.

Low- Under 4

Normal- 4-8

High- typically over 10.