When you wake up in the morning what are your sugar levels like?

Are your levels high, normal or low?

Mine usually run low to normal (50-80). Which scares me because of course we all know the question....of what if I don't wake up in the morning?!?!?!  I had one scare of a 21 one morning, but I didn't feel it which really freaked me out!!! :(

Usually mine are in the 70's. I am trying now something with a glucerna bar or some of the other long acting low carb bars to see if eating one of those prior to bed will help with the issue. Last night I had one and I woke up at around 118, so if all goes well I will be a happy camper...

Mine are so high in the morning!!!! I don't understand that. I guess I need to figure it out.

i'm anywhere form 120-30

mine are usually in the 130's-140's.. which is okay with me because it is way better than waking up in the 400's like i used to!

Mine are usually 100-150, I've gone through phases on highs and lows in the Am though and had to tweak my basal rate/lantus when I was on it.

Mine varies.  Too many in the 200s for my endocronologist.  When I was in last he urged me to go to a Lantus 1/2 morning and 1/2 bedtime dosing.  So far it seems to be working.  110 this morning.  Yay !!

Joy Noble: What are you eating before bed and do you take insulin before bedtime?

I tend to wake up on the lower side, 60 - 90. If you are waking up high, you may have the dawn phenomenon which is pretty common. You my want to do some early morning checks to see if your sugars are climbing then.

I needed to adjust my basal to cover the dawn phenomenon, but now I need to fix the overnight problems... But such is life.

Unpredictable for me...

depends on the day, what it was when i went to bed, what i ate before bed, what time of month, my mood, my other health (cold, flu, etc)...

I am unpredictable, like Alyssa! (yay we have something else in common!)

LOL something else? What else do we have in common? Just teasing :D

human, girl, diabetes, crazy... but you know those already!

You forgot awesome :P :P LOL but that goes for the entirety of Juvenation :P :P

I am usually higher, but I have been low/good as well.  Diabetes IS unpredictable...

sometimes mine are low, sometimes high and sometimes normal. i started on the insulin for my pump today, so idk how i will be in the next few mornings.

Have you researched Dawn Phenomenon?  I have it and have always struggled with highs in the morning.  I actually take Lantus twice a day to help control the morning highs.  Even though it is supposed to be once a day, it seems to give me an extra boost if I take a small dose before bed.

Yes I take it a insulin at bedtime 18cc of lantus. I really don't eat like that before bed. Last night I had a low fat chz string. and my sugar was like 250...I was like what the heck is really going on?!