Can being told at age 9

So here it goes I was 9 years old when I had to learn a new way how to live so is the trauma from that could it cause me to have ptsd I’m really struggling and having nightmares and terrors and not sure if this could be connected

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yes. diagnosis can be a trauma, can cause depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other… or… it might not affect you at all.

it all depends on how you take in the world.

I had anxiety and depression. Therapy helped when I was open to it, but I had to struggle first… seems to me that I wasn’t ready to accept it, or accept that I was sick, or was diagnosed, I spent a lot of time being sad and trying to place blame on other people, places, and things. When I was done with that, it became easier to feel better. good luck.

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Absolutely, it can cause PTSD and anxiety and depression. I’d seek out a therapist and talk about it. Also join support groups. Sometimes it’s just that one or two other people who are type 1 who you can connect with and share with on a regular basis. Have you ever attended any camps or retreats? My best advice is to invest in more support systems. Type 1 is a daily disease to tackle. There’s not a break. So the diagnosis and the daily challenges are certainly traumatizing (even as a mother of a 4 year old). I was breaking down, and now that we’ve joined “Brave Buddies” in the Bay Area, I reached out to people on Nextdoor in my neighborhood for advise, I’m seeing a therapist through my insurance, and I’m connecting with another mom at my son’s upcoming elementary school to help relieve many of my fears. Taking care of you is the best thing you can do too, I don’t know how old you are or what your financial circumstances are but “do more of what you love.” Whether that’s reading, photography, scrapbooking, hikes, nature walks, massages, etc. Take care and I wish you the best

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Hey how would I look up support groups for Massachusetts I’m new to all of this

Hi Heather,

My Wife has a similar story. She’s 26 now. Aside from scheduling some time with a psychologist (not a social worker) to discuss your struggles, I’d highly recommend attending a Type One Nation Summit. In my area there are hundreds of people that come together to network and learn and overcome. It looks like they just held their event in Boston. Be sure to catch the next one. Get to know the staff at your local JDRF office. If they’re anything like the office in Salt Lake City, they will listen to you, be there to help you through the hard times, connect you with other T1Ds, and just offer support. I’d recommend going to the JDRF One Walks as well. Get involved, sign up to be a volunteer. A lot of T1Ds struggle with mental health problems, and it can be hard to deal with all by yourself. Message me anytime if you just need to talk, or if you need T1D advice.

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Yeah it can. My daughter got t1ds at the age 9. Shes 16 years old now. I got her into mental health so she had someone to talk to about it. It also can make your sugars all over the place. Please look into talking with someone. It will help you out alot.