This weekend we went to a slew of parties in celebration of my brother-in-law's wedding.  The last party was Sunday morning:  an elaborate, fancy, buffet brunch.  My son WAGged it and was over-guessed the amount of insulin.  He kept dropping low and dropping lower and we had to work hard (and leave late) to get him back up to normal before  hitting the road for the 9-hour drive home.

Any advice?  Guess better?

Whenever I eat party foods, I use a low insulin scale.  This way I really don't run the risk of dropping low during the course of the event.  Correcting a high is far easier than correcting a low, for me at least. 

Good advice.  That's exactly what I do too.  You can function perfectly fine with a BG of 200ish (and it's only for a couple of hrs)....but if you drop too low it's hard to carry on a conversation and act normal.

When Brandan goes to a gathering like that he mostly just picks at the food. My general rule is that if he doesn't consume enough carbs for 1 unit of insulin within an hour I let it go.  Plus, he is usually very active at special events so he burns the carbs and doesn't go very high.

Lows caused by too much insulin are the hardest for me to bring back up too! Much harder than food or exercise ones! If I'm running lowish to begin with, I'll serve myself and start eating before I decide how much to take...

When i eat party food i also take a low amount of insulin just because its normally like snack foods so im not sure of how much ill eat or stuff like that.