Ate out for the first time

I just ate out for the first time since my diagnosis 9 days ago.  I am so glad I'm able to psychologically start back to getting a bit of normalcy in my life.

My daughter turned 6 today and we decided to go out.  I found that Red Robin has an iPhone app (and website) that allowed me to see the nutrition info on just about the whole menu.  It also allowed customizing by deleting certain ingredients.

I was especially good today with keeping carb count down.  So, we went and had a blast.

My son, who's nearly 8 reminded me to check my blood before eating. :-)

The best news is that with my simplistic bolus (Dr. has just said 7u before each meal, 3u for a snack), I had a 2h post-prandial of 146.  That's pretty good for me.  I think it was because i injected after finishing.

I think I may have posted this in the wrong section.  Reading the other posts, I'm definitely not low-carb yet.  Wow, some of you are <60g

I've been coming down from 200g (day after dx), 283g, 339g, 255g, 273g, 220g, 191g, 146g, 147g (today).  I still don't know what my goal should be and how to reach it.  My dietician class is not for another 2 weeks.

Hey Paul, congratulations!  I went out to dinner last night too.

When I was first diagnosed, my doctor had me call in as my blood sugar went down so she could monitor it.  Please be sure to check in with your doc, especially as you approach 100.  You may start to get hypoglycemia symptoms below that, since you may be used to being above 150 all the time.

With a dx BS of 200, you must still be making some of your own insulin and/or discovered it early on.  Another thing to watch out for is the start of a Honeymoon period.  This happened to me.  I started needing less and less insulin about a month after diagnosis.  Eventually I had to stop taking insulin for a couple of months to avoid hypo incidents.

The fixed simple bolus is just a rough guideline to get you started.  When you get more comfortable with insulin and carbs you'll start adjusting your dose based on your starting BS and what you are eating.

Thanks for the feedback.  Well, my dx BS was WELL above 200 - try 503.  The 200g was my first full day's carb load.

My C-peptide indicates I was barely making any insulin.

Today was the first day I've started to lower the bolus to match my lower carb intake, just by a little bit.  Don't want to go too high.  Maybe I do have somewhat of a honeymoon.  Thanks.

Oh, sorry misunderstood you there.  You were talking about carbs not blood sugars.  My mistake!  Sounds like you don't need the dietician, you've got it all down.  :)

I'm not personally a fan of low carb dieting, but there are some advantages.  If you have to take a 10 unit bolus and are off 20% in your carb estimation, you could end up 100 points off in final BS.  Whereas if you're eating half the carbs and need only a 5 unit bolus, the 20% error would only be about 50 points off.  So a lower carb diet can decrease the variability in your glucose.  It is also helpful for weight control.

The low-carb diet is good for certain needs. I, for one am not on it, but that's because I'm trying to build a little muscle mass which need protein and carbs to feed the muscles. Pretty impressive that you're bringing it down nicely, and steadily at that. You're not shocking your body. I find sometimes going out to dinner can be tricky, the food has a different effect on my body than would home made stuff where I know what's going in it. I still do eat out a lot however and it's good to experiment and get used to it. Don't want to start rejecting birthday dinner invitations now.

The fact that Red Robbin has an app with nutrition facts is a GREAT resource. Not a lot of places I know have that. That's great to know though. Makes life a lot easier. Good luck with your goal! Great to hear your kids are looking out for you too. Shows how much they care about you.

Good job on your first meal out!  Everyone has given you good advice.

I'm a fan of the Calorie King app to look up carbs.  I'd used the book version of Calorie King for a decade and it's listings are pretty accurate.  

The book "Using Insulin" by John Walsh is also a great resource to help you understand insulin and how to use it to your best advantage.  

Take care and hope your daughter had a good birthday.