Better numbers when sick

Hi there. I’ve noticed when I’m feeling under the weather with a cold, stomach bug, etc. my bg numbers are much better! With the exception of gastrointestinal illness, I can eat more And barely see a rise in my glucose numbers. I can’t find anyone else like this, so I am looking for someone. I asked the NP at my endo’s office, and she doesn’t really know why. If you also experience this, would you please enlighten me why this happens? I’m not complaining but just curious. Thanks!

i learn something new every day - @heatherkmc

I can’t even guess why your numbers are better when you are sick but I would roll with it. I am so confused now I’d like to say I hope you feel better…:grinning:

Wow, I’m jealous. When I’m sick I’m lucky if I can get below 300!

Hi Heather,

I’m far from an expert on any of this, but I’m making an educated guess that because T1D is a form of autoimmune disease, it’s possible that your getting sick gives your immune system something else to focus on besides your pancreas. No idea how long you’ve been living with your diabetes, and if you might be experiencing a honeymoon type effect. I advise you to stay prepared for this to change though, just in case.

I’ve considered this too! I developed T1D during my pregnancy earlier this year. Thanks for the input.

Hi Heather,

What I’ve heard and from my experience, some infections increase insulin resistance and some decrease it. I usually get more insulin resistant when I’m sick, but for sure some infections make me more sensitive to insulin.

This happens to our daughter too. During the first 2 years after she was diagnosed any time she would get a stomach bug she would go off of insulin for up to 2 weeks. And yes, I said off. She LOVED it! She could eat pizza, ice cream, any thing and her body worked. We always made her take her BG because we knew the other shoe would fall and we would be back in T1D mode. No one understood why, still don’t. But, when she gets sick some times her BG goes up, and other times it goes down. We just roll with it. Sorry I don’t have a better answer, but know that you are not alone. :slight_smile: