AutoSoft 30 Inset-One handed insertion?

Hello, I have just been turned onto the AutoSoft 30 after using the AutoSoft 90 for years. I’m wondering if it’s possible to insert it with one hand, as I do the 90. I’d like to use sites on my hips, buttocks and sides, but I’m 59 and not as bendy as I once was.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the community!
I switched from the 90 to the 30 a few months ago - I was always concerned the 90 was pulling out as I removed the inserter. I love the 30 but have never done it one-handed. Once I push the inserter in, I down the infusion set as I’m pulling the inserter out.

@craiglloydsf8 Hi Craig and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

I know exactly what you are saying - both about the “one-handed” insertion and not still being as bendy. I’ve been using the AutoSoft 30 for about a year but had elected to use the 90 degree in difficult-to-reach places for the same reasons as you. I can, and I’m pushing 80, get an effective insertion on my left hip-area by holding the inserter in my left hand with the needle aimed out-ward [toward the left] and getting my right finger to hold down the adhesive patch while withdrawing the inserter. The hard part is then removing the two backings for proper adhesion.

Good luck, when you try.