Awkward injection sites

Ready for the question I ask myself constantly?

Is there a trick to injecting myself in the butt or hips when I can’t actually reach around my boobs??? I can do stomach and thighs but I’ve got a lot of scar tissue. I’m trying (ugh!) to get a pump, but I think I might have the same problem then!

My girlfriends tease me constantly about this dilemma, but seriously, any suggestions?

I think the reaching around would be awkward regardless of breast size. For me, when I inject in my butt/hip area, I use the right hand for the right side and the left hand for the left side - no reaching around. I’m a righty, so using my left hand is awkward and requires more concentration. Everyone’s different though. Do you think you could do it that way? I know that some people really just can’t do it with their non-dominant hand.

I was just thinking about this again, and I guess I should ask: do you mean reaching around with the hand that will give the shot? Or do you mean reaching around to pinch the area where you’ll give it? If you mean the latter, then I’m not sure. I don’t always pinch; I have enough meat on my butt (lol) and I just bend/stick my butt out a little more when giving a shot there.

This made me chuckle a little haha. I have been blessed as they say (36D) in that area as well but, I have a pump and use my butt/hip areas all of the time! you could probably use the same side hand if you wanted to inject without having to do a stretch with the opposite hand. Same goes with the pump. THey have injector devices for pump infusion sets which makes it literally the click of a button or two depending on which sets you choose.

It takes practice sometimes, but then becomes second nature in no time! I will try posting a video of a set change that could show you (if I remember to do it)

Although I’m now a pumper I have had 3 babies which resulted in less then stellar “reaches”. lol But I got really good at “propping” my butt on an edge of a table, sink etc to do the “pinching” and then inject or put in my pump site.

The new pump site inserters as mentioned above are so easy to use now though.

I’m big busted and stick to my stomach, hips and thighs for infusion sites.

I can get the sides of my hips but pretty much need help to get a site in my rear end. And attaching and detaching is more trouble than it’s worth. Sad, but true!

Go for the boob. It does not hurt as bad as you would think.
I have had the pump for 3 years, and let me tell ya’ll, the boob got me out of a DKA.

I don’t know that my husband would love it if I had my site in my boob! Do you have a significant other and if so, does it bother them at all? I’m a new pumper so looking for tips. :slight_smile:

Where exactly on the boob do you put them…never heard of this but intrigued. :blush: