Is anyone having issues with the AutoSoft 30 infusion sets?

I switched to the AutoSoft 30 sets quite a while ago and until recently the insertions have gone well. But over the last several weeks I’ve wasted 3 or 4 because they didn’t go all the way in. On one occasion I was running high and discovered it was just barely in lengthwise, so while I may have been getting a little bolus insulin it wasn’t doing the trick. Another time it went in far enough length-wise but was barely under my skin - I could see the entire silhouette of the length. I do hold the set in place as I’m withdrawing the introducer, and this happened with a second box as well. I didn’t keep the first so I don’t know if it’s from the same lot.
I haven’t asked for replacements (though I know I can) because I have a good supply - and it’s just as well since I’m not sure if I should switch to something else. I’m not doing anything different - maybe that’s the problem and I need to change technique, although my weight has not changed significantly.
It may well “be me” and I’m losing my touch/need to be more attentive; but I’m wondering if something may have changed that is causing problems for anyone else?
Thanks all, and whatever holiday you celebrate I wish you a beautiful one.

Hi @wadawabbit hey I read this and 2 thoughts came to mind. Over time I do things “the same way” but what really happens is that either a) through time optimization or b) because something hurt or got stuck, I start to favor a slightly different way and then, given enough time it may in fact be really different compared to the first one. Can you review the YouTube on the set instructions and see if you’ve evolved your methods? The 2nd thought is the spring on the clicker may have fatigued and you may need a new one. Not sure if the 30 has a clicker? But my 90 degree set has one and I’ve seen issues with spring weakening over time. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks @joe! I’ll check YouTube and compare. Not sure about a spring clicker - I think I vaguely (key word🤪) recall an insertion device from my Minimed days but it’s been a while. The 30 has a squeeze and release to insert the cannula. Each is individually packaged and I don’t open until I’m ready to insert. Which do you use?
Thanks again!

I’ve tried a bunch but I am fine with 6mm, 90 degree quicksets. I use the spring loaded clicker and I think I have gone through at least 4 of them. I couldn’t tell from the description if the tslim 30’s use an applicator or not… =) sorry for the bad guess

No problem @joe. I’ve used the 90 degree autosoft and am thinking about checking out the AutoSoft XC. I’m trying to find out the difference - Tandem’s own XC insertion video showed insertion of s 90(!) and the only thing I’ve found online referred to an easier grip with the XC so I sent s message to get more details. Will see how things go.

Hi Dorie @wadawabbit, although I’ve used the AutoSoft 30, I’ve not experienced what you are currently seeing. When my t-Slim was ordered, two years ago next week, the AutoSoft 30 13 mm was one of the three infusion set types I requested; for more than a year, the 30 Degree is all that I’ve used.

Unlike the compatible Medtronic 30 degree Silhouette which I put in with a FIXED angle inserter, the Tandem 30 Degree is much dependent on the user to get the correct angle. The individual Tandem AutoSoft 30 allows a VERY wide angle selection and over time, I noticed I’ve gotten sloppy. Thankfully, I’ve only had two fail to go in correctly, and both times they were “operator error” because I was rushed and distracted.

My guess, if you can see the cannula, you are going in at a much “lower angle” than 30 degrees. Personally, I aim for 30 - 45 degrees which is the fixed angle I used for a few years with the Medtronic.

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We’ve had some difficulty with them, too. Currently working with Tandem’s clinical staff helpline to see if we can pinpoint the issue(s). If you get any insights, please share, and we’ll do the same.

Will do! Is your issue similar to mine? I hate to assume…

Honestly, we don’t know what’s wrong. But several didn’t insert properly (we assumed operator error because we’re new to the device), and several have seemed fine at first only to stop working after anywhere from a few hours to two days. Many have worked well for the full three days, but the failure rate is higher than it should be, for sure.

No issues we can see with the cannulas. Sometimes, there’s been a small wound or bump at the infusion site, which tells us it wasn’t inserted properly, but more often the site has looked fine, too.

Like I said, we’re working on it.

XC seems identical to 90, except for the slightly rubbery end of it which I guess gives better grip. I think the little cap to use when you are bathing or swimming is slightly easier to get in and out. I should point out that the snap-in part is not interchangeable between the two set types, so I’ve had to choose either 90 or XC in my next order–and am going with XC. Not sure why, but it is just slightly easer/better feeling I think.

Next time I place an order I think I’ll try a 90 and an XC. Might be good to switch things up a bit.

I had similar issues with 4 sets from the Sam box and one had I reported each one to to Tandem and for the 4th one they said they would send me a new box of 10 sensors. I expect to receive them later this week.

Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated.

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A few things I do when inserting AutoSoft:

Be sure all the tubing is unwound (sometimes it does not reach the very end if you don’t check to make sure it’s not caught near the end.

Wipe with alcohol swab where you plan to insert the sensor–and let it dry before you use the injector/inserter…

Place the inserter where you’ve wiped clean and the fat side of the sensor in the position that will let you unhook the tubing when you want to take a shower.

Be sure to remove the blue cover on the needle and the spiral tape before using the inserter.

When you pull back the injection spring to cock the inserter at the end, twist ever so slightly clockwise until you hear it click in place.

Be sure to squeeze the injector where the two indented circles are for you fingers–doing that is prettly awkward. I do it with two hands. Once the sensor is inserted, let it sit for 45 seconds or so.

Try to pull the inserter straight out, meaning perpendicular to the insertion point on your skin. Holding the adhesive down with the tip of my finger works for me, but they don’t suggest it.

If all this doesn’t work, the fault is probably with the product.
Good Luck!

Hi “P”, the AutoSoft 30 does not have attached tubing to unwind; tubing is packaged separately.

What is important in inserting the AutoSoft 30, is for the user to figure out, and maintain the proper angle [30 degrees] for insertion.

Thanks all. I took a look at how I was inserting the 30, and realized I was angling it a little bit rather than holding it flat so it goes in the way it’s designed. “Why?” you ask? I don’t remember🤪.
I’'ve changed sites a couple of times since and placing them flat is doing the trick. I also ordered some AutoSoft XC sets to try - I’ve used 90 degree sets before although not these particular ones, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

Thanks for straightening that out for me Dennis. Will have to double check which AutoSoft product I’m using.