I am currently 7 months pregnant. I am 26 and I've had diabetes for 15 years. My a1c has always been high as 13 during my time as a diabetic. I had no intentions of being pregnant, but now that I have been I've been trying my best to be perfect. During my first trimester my blood sugars averaged around 80. Into my 2nd and now in my 3rd, I've had much higher blood sugars and it is really stressing me out. The doctors say my baby's heart is perfect and that she is growing well and is a good size for  where I am in my pregnancy...but I just can't help but worry when I have occasional blood sugars in the 200-300's.  I'm also getting huge which is terrible. I weighed 135lbs. beforehand and now I'm at 180lbs. and I still have two months to go. I'm also getting terrible vericose veins which are causing me pain in my legs. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or can at least sympathize with me. I feel like I need a shoulder to cry on. I feel like the stress is putting me into a depressive state. I don't really have any friends around here and no one to talk to.

I totally get where you're coming from! My pregnancy was unplanned and my A1C was a 9 when I found out and when I was 14 I was all the way at the end of the spectrum with an A1C of 15... yikes. i hadn't been under a 9 since I was probably 13 or so until now, I'm at a 6.6 and hoping it has lowered. i am on a continuous glucose monitor now and that has helped me be a lot more away of my bgs, trend and patterns, and what certain foods do to my sugar. I also have occasional 200 and 300s and freak... but I just remember what my educator and book I'm reading say that occasional highs/lows are unlikely to hurt the baby and we can't be perfect all we can do is do our best! I'm at 24 weeks so just behind you!

I feel for ya! I think towards the end of pregnancy we are all just READY for it to be over. It's emotional and hard work and we just feel uncomfortable and fat and miserable. LOL Try to hang in there, you're almost there! I am only 6 months so you're ahead of me!

It seems that my insulin resistance is kicking in and I have noticed the occassional high 200 spike lately also. I just correct it as soon as I see it. Testing my blood A LOT helps because I can stay on top of it and correct it quickly. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had occassional spikes (and lows) and I remember being so hard on myself and even crying because I thought I was hurting my baby. I once had my blood spike up to 500 and when I tested for ketones I had a small trace. I was literally freaking out and called my endocrinologist. She told me to just calm down. First things first, take a correction dose. Drink lots of water. Keep testing my blood to make sure it goes lower. An occassional spike happens. We aren't perfect. We just have to correct them and try our hardest to maintain a good A1c. So far I have had 5 ultrasounds and my doctors all seem to think my baby is perfectly healthy.

You are almost there so keep up the hard work! And keep us updated!

Pregnancy with D is TOUGH, but all I can say is it's worth the hard work once a beautiful child is here. My son is all the more precious to me because of the hard work it took to have him!

As for highs, you may need to raise your insulin even more in the next 2 months, but taking walks after meals also helped me.

Also, check for ketones if you're high -- they're more common during preg.

Hang in there!