Okay, hello everyone. Sooo quick question...I have a prom coming up and my dress is a little form fitting...and lately I've been experiencing a problem of hunger...I literally cannot stop being hungry :( But now I am going to try super super hard to stop and eat right and all that good stuff. But, back to my main topic leading up to my big question...prom is 3 weeks away, my dress shows a stomach very very well...Which brings me to my question...does anyone have a super big awesome secret for a way to flatten a stomach in 3 weeks? My boyfriend is giving some wonderful tips, but I will literally try anything. I need to get into shape really bad, and this can be my big start.


Thanks anyone and everyone :)

Well, diet and exercise... but that's probably not what you want to hear, lol. You could go buy one of those stomach slimmer/support/shaper things. I actually use them to hide my pump when I wear dresses, it works great!

Do they make any of those stomach things that are low in the back? Cause the back of my dress is slightly open…

there are ones that are pretty low and go into shorts. i would stop by a department store like the bay or sears(if you have them there) and browse the options. bring the dress to try on over them as well to make sure it's comfortable. i tried them once and found it wasn't, so went without and just let my tummy show(i've always had one so i avoid things that are tight around that area and opt for the tightness just under the breasts instead).

one thing to note though, is sometimes those slimmers can give you a bit of a square look, especially if you get one that doesn't fit properly/is too tight.


also if you drink pop(even diet) right now: stop.

my stomach noticably went down quite a bit when i stopped drinking any kind of pop.