the past few days have been so bad/rough!

saturday i went to a fair and checked before lunch and i was 458! i felt fine but had to change my pod in the first aid tent. no one had seen a pump before and i had 7 people trying to help me! i was high for the rest of the day!

monday night i went to check my sugar and my pdm just said HIGH. i found my one touch ultra 2 and it was 549! i had taken my pump off for ten min at the end of tennis practice b/c it was rlly hurting me and i got it back on with in 40 min. it took me all night to go down and i didnt get to sleep much and had to give myself like 4 shots to correct.

last night (tuesday) i checked and my pdm said high. i used my one touch and it said 474, and then my pdm said 484. i used an injection and once again, it took all night to go down!

i have no idea why i have been so high! i've been exercising every day and my pod hasnt been kinked. my mom thinks maybe my pdm is broken or something b/c it happens around the same time of day? i switched to omnipod in may and i've had so many problems that i almost want to switch back to my minimed, which i HATED.

argggggg i hate diabetes. it sucks, but at the same time i'm grateful for what its given me, like meeting nick jonas and becoming a better person. i just wish i could turn it off sometimes!

hey sorry you are having a bad time.

i guess this story makes me wonder if you changed somehting recently - like did you "just start" working out?  did you "just open" a new set of pods?  sometimes when something changes like a routine or something in your diet or a new box of whatevers...   it's what's doing it.

(if you just started working out - a lot of people have huge trouble with sugars that go up while working out)

other times when I am getting sick i'll have 2-3 bad days in a row.  getting sick doesn't always come with a fever, so sometimes esp in the summer it's hard to tell.

other than that, i just don't know how you would tell if a pod was kinked, just like any infusion set, you rip it out and there ain't much to tell by what's left over.  if you are using the same exact sites to put your pump over and over I know that it messes up eventually... 

so good luck to you and i hope you figure it out.

Joe's comments are great. I really second the 'sick' ones. My son had CRAZY BGs mostly in the evenings last weekend and I think it was due to some bug.

The only other thing to check also is to try a new vial of insulin the next time you fill your pod. Maybe the vial you were using got too hot or something and isn't as effective as it should be.


Joe is always awesome - the only thing I could thing of adding to the list (since it seems to be a pattern at a predictable time of day) is that it is also possible that you need to adjust your basal - this would be something that will require some time and testing and you should be working closely with your doc/diabetes team to get worked out but if it is that - it'll be worth figuring out.  Is it possible that you are hitting a growth spurt or just completed one?

I totally get the wishing you could turn it off - an on/off button for my diabetes - whooooo LOVE that idea!



i've been a little better for a couple days. still high but not as high as i was.

i've had a couple pods fail too

last night my dad and i downloaded the omnipod software for our computer and plugged my pdm in and the computer didnt read my pdm- weird. is it possible that my pdm could be broken? we're going to call insulet tomorrow to see.

i've gotten bad boxes of pods before so that could also be a part of it. none kinked though!

thanks for all your ideas/help :)