Arm bands for omnipod users who wear the pod on their arm

Hi everyone,

I am the mother of a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with type 1 in July 2009. We went on the Omnipod in March 2010 and we really like it, especially since it is tubeless considering he is a very active boy.

The only issue was that he likes to wear the pod on his arms and we were having some problems with the pod jarring loose after a lot of activity. So I started sewing him arm bands to wear over the pod to keep it in place for the 3 days. It worked and he loves them and he wears all different patterns and colors. So I just started a website offering the arm bands with a portion of the money going to JDRF. Here it is if you are

The bands have really helped my son live an active life without having to worry about the pod constantly and I feel a sense of relief knowing his pod is secure.

Good luck to everyone!