Anyone in tha salisbury NC area please read this..LET'S EDUCATE THA WORLD!

okay so haved decided that i want ta get a group of type 1 diabetics(and our familys) tagether and have like a conference typea thing, ta educate people on type 1 diabetes. try ta help people understand what our live are like, and how stressing it is at times for us and our families. i dono its just an idea. and id really like ta do it. i wanna talk ta tha principle at tha school i just started in Nov. , and ask him if we can ave an assembly or something about diabetes. because i am na tha only diabetic at this school, i guess there are at least a dozzen more. and they all choose ta hide it because they are ashamed. so if anyone else is interested in participating in something like this. then please let me know. i really wanna do this, and id really rather na do it alone :)