Anyone Here from OHIO or near?

Is there anyone here from Ohio? or anywhere near?

I am in Ohio, but it is a big state! There are many resources here, if you know where to look. I know that sometimes the best place to start is a sympathetic ear. Where are you close to?

I’m in Ohio. How can I help?

I’m 5-10 Minutes from Cleveland. Have had T1D for 16 years. Feel free to ask any question, as it appears, EVERYONE here is awesome about giving information.

Hello Gabby_1315 I am from Ohio!

Hallo i am located in ohio aswell c:

Ohioan — 10 years of experience. It helps! I’d be glad to share.

Lifetime Ohio - Cleveland area. 12 years into my Type 1 journey. Contact me if you want to chat!

I also live in Ohio but don’t have many friends my age especially with T1D. Where might there be good group meet ups? Thank you for any feed back.
Near Akron and 33.:butterfly:

I live in the Toledo area, but went to law school in Cincinnati and lived in Mentor while working in Cleveland for about 5 years. Oh, and I was born and raised in Bowling Green (just south of Toledo), so I guess I came full circle. So with the exception of one year of graduate school in Texas, I’m an Ohio lifer and have lived in and experienced 3 of the four corners of the state!

I live in Lakewood, next to Cleveland. I’m 35 and was just diagnosed 6/18.

Fellow Ohioan here! Cincinnati area. Mother of a type one.