Anyone else have IBS?

I’ve been a diabetic for almost 14 years and after two months of having stomach issues my doctor thinks it could potentially be IBS. Wondering if anyone else on here has IBS and what has helped with symptoms for you. Thaks!

Taylor @Tee25,

Gluten sensitivity is common in individuals who have T1. When symptoms begin they may be classified as IBS and the symptoms may not progress any further. For many, though, the symptoms progress. A thorough gastroenterological exam may reveal evidence of “gluten sensitivity.” The person may also be discovered to have “celiac disease” (the more advanced form of gluten intolerance).

A gluten-free diet is the only treatment for gluten sensitivity/celiac disease. It really helps.

Unfortunately, most people want to be able to “take a pill” and have that settle their gut issues. Medication doesn’t help much at all if what you have developed is gluten sensitivity. It may help manage bouts of diarrhea, but following a gluten-free diet is the only thing that really works.

Hope that helps a bit.


I’ve just been told I have IBS. My problems started with acid reflux 3-4 years ago, and progressed to IBS a few months ago. My doctor says it’s all related. I’m taking meds for the acid reflux, but nothing for the IBS. Taking my probiotic seemed to make it worse so I’ve stopped, at least for now. I know the trigger foods for my reflux, but not the IBS.