Any younger teens who have a pump and pretty much manage it themselves

I was reading the Statement of Medical Necessity and one of the questions they asked was did patient have the ability to manage their blood glucose with pump therapy.

That made me curious to find out who on this site got their pump and pretty much manages it on their own fo the most part.

Is anyone a young teen - 13, 14 or 15 or are most who get the pump older. 

I'm 19 now but I got the pump when I was 13 and have managed the illness pretty much on my own since then. I actually think it is very common among young teens.

I got mine when I was 15.

I got my pump when I was 11 and always did the boluses, etc. by myself.  I learned how to change and insert the sites myself when I was about 12 I think.

I got mine pump when i was 10 and i am now 14

i got my pump when i was 8 and i am now 15 and i manage everything on my own

I got mine right after i turned 13 and dealt with it all myself. My numbers have been pretty good

I got mine when I was 10. I"ve had it for 3 years now!

I got a pump when I was 14 and managed everything on my own right away, except for ordering supplies, booking appointments etc, which I started doing about a year ago.

i went on my first one when i was in the 6th grade so i guess i was eleven and did everything myself from the start

I started pumping at age 15 (I'm 17 now), and I've always done things on my own. I don't even think my parents know how to do a site change or anything. =P

I was also pretty much managing my diabetes by the time I was 13, though, even when I was on shots.

My 10-year-old daughter just got her OmniPod on Monday and does ALL of the button pushing and changing her pump site herself. We double check with each other on accepting the bolus calculation based on exercise level, etc., but she manages almost entirely on her own. The "smart" parts of the pump are incredible. We are so glad me made this move!!

im 14 and have the pump. i got it when i was 13. i do stuff myself but my mom has to put the infusion set in and my endo does basal rate changes. i have an a1c of 7, and it has been coming down at a nice rate without many lows(any that i do have are higher than 3. a few exceptions in the 2s)

i just turned 15 and got my pump about a month before my birthday

I just turned 16, but I've had my insulin pump for about a year now. I do everything on my own for the most part. I change my site, I change my pump settings, I do my blood sugar normally. It is easier to manage my bg with my pump, although I do get tired of having my pump attached to me at all times, like during bikini season (:

But on the plus side, you can always take it off and go back to shots for a day or so. :)

i got my first pump at 13 went off at 15 and now i am back on it art 16. i have pretty much done all of my stuff since i was diagnosed at 11.

i was thirteen when i got mine =)