Annoying thing happened at work yesterday

Hey guys! This is my first post here, it's nothing huge, just a little thing that happened at work yesterday that I felt the need to share. Wanted to get your thoughts...

I had a meeting with my boss and two other co-workers. Small and informal meeting, in her office, in the morning. She brought muffins for us, and not cute little ones, but those big ones with large pieces of "fruit" in them. Thing is, this is the second time she has a meeting and bring muffins. This is also the second time I have to explain to her that those things are loaded in carbs and so I stay away...

The kicker is that my boss is borderline Type 2D and knows VERY WELL (as do my co-workers) that I am T1...I have explained to her countless times how my life is regulated by insulin/how I count carbs/etc...And she has seemed pretty knowledgable about it in the past....So I ask myself: WHY CAN'T SHE BRING SOMETHING THAT ISN'T LOADED WITH CARBS TO OUR MEETINGS???

A friend said "well maybe she doesn't know that they are loaded with carbs", to which I answered "then maybe she should ask me what would be better for me (and her, at the same time)!

The three people at the meeting took the time to listen to my whining and explain the carb content, etc...but then they soon all dug in, cramming the muffins in their mouths, with little regard to how it made me feel. Yes, I know I said I didn't want one (even though I could have indulged and compensated with an extra couple of doses), but is it just me, or was I in a situation I shouldn't have been in in the first place? Has anyone been in that type of situation (where someone just doesn't get it) and how have you dealt with it?


hello.  same situation? yes, practically a million times.   please dont' take this the wrong way, but (imo) it's not your boss's problem that you avoid carbs.   I think it's okay, in fact, I avoid carbs sometimes too, but if you base your happiness on the average person understanding T1, or even knwoing what it is....or even caring, you are likely to be unhappy for a long time.

anyway I do know that it's annoying - heck most of us adoid some kinds of carbs because they're just not worth it.    I try either to say no and smile, or sometimes I pucker up my whole face and say something like noooooo, too sweet for me (Im sweet enough, etc. you get the idea).  

educating the world is exhausting, not for me.  if someone asks and seems interested i'll tell them, but to be happy, I try my best not to JET (justify, explain, teach) those with no interest.

when i work in my office I realize that many many people eat very high carb stuff all day, in fact that's where I dump my girl scout cookies - (to find the empty box in about 4 mintues in fact) maybe you can rotate the "snack meetings" so you get to offer what you like once in a while.  

good luck. all the best.

Joe is absolutely right, do not allow yourself to have any emotional tie to people not getting what type 1 means or you will be drowned by depression and disappointment. He is also absolutely right that you can only truly educate people who come to you for knowledge, you can try to educate people who don't come to you willingly, but as he said, you'll only become exhausted.

However if you do want to talk to them, more power to you and i think it takes great courage to do that. My only 2 cents would be to follow a old Teddy Roosevelt quote "People don't care what you know, until they know that you care." <-My point being, i think a more personal and intimate conversation with your boss would yield better results, perhaps bring up your concerns for her health first, THEN bring up the complications of type 1 so she is more inclined to listen and acknowledge your particular situation and obstacles. Bringing it up in a open forum, like a meeting, may only breed gossip and disdain unfortunately.

Hope it improves for you, i am currently a Manager at a Vito's Pizza shop and i have type 1, so believe me lol, i know exactly how frustrating it can get at work. Best of luck to you.

-Scott Kienzle


are u on jabs or a pump ?

With pumps i never have this problem- just type the carbs in and im good to go !

Going through this as a diabetic, I can only sympathize with those who have a deadly allergy to certain foods (soy, peanuts, nuts, etc.). In some ways, I feel lucky compared to those people.

Not only am I a T1D, but I also have Celiac.  This basically rules out just about any food oriented event that has not been specifically geared toward my dietary needs.

So, I thank the person for their gracious offer and tell them that I can't eat anything due to my T1D and Celiac condition.  Most times they ask what they can do int he future to accommodate me and I just tell them not to bother, that I am all set and have no problem not eating anything.  This usually works fine.

Ultimately, you just need to realize that this issue you have is all in your head and an opportunity to be a better person in realizing that it is just food and not a big deal.  You are the source of your own happiness or misery in life and this comes from your perspective.  be the example for your coworkers and children (if you have children).  You don't NEED a stupid muffin, right?  It is a temporary delight that will be non-existent once you finish eating it, anyway, except that it will have an effect on your body if you do eat it.  Just smile and giggle inside at these poor folks that cannot control themselves and wait for your boss to come to you for help in the future.  If you took this problem to a Buddhist monk, they would be all excited to share with you how this is a fantastic opportunity for you to overcome the trappings and suffering of your mind.

Cheers and love to you Allkindzacute!!!


I also have celiac, and have had this happen over and over. I don't mind when it's snacks in the morning, but when my program (I'm a grad student) is providing lunch or dinner for everyone and they only bring subs and pizza, I get frustrated. It doesn't help that I'm a poor starving student, so the free meal would be really appreciated!

I have gotten into the habit of making sure I have my own healthy snacks. I usually have an apple and peanut butter, or some carrots and hummus or something like that. That way, when people offer food that I know will make me high and/or sick, I can politely decline and say "I brought my own."

If it really bothers you, talk to your boss and give her some specific examples of snacks that would be more you-friendly, or bring in snacks that are delicious and you-friendly for everyone to share!  

I've been working in offices for the past 25 years.  Whenever this situation comes up, I either say no thanks, or eat it and then do a correction dose. You don't have to explain anything.  It's none of their business.  The don't know and they don't care.  If they ever get diabetes they will care.  Just like we didn't know or care what diabetes was til we got it.

I know it's hard, but unfortunately it's just life for us.  Just deal with it and move on. As you get more experience with diabetes you'll get more comfortable with handling situations like this.  

I agree with Joe that i don't want to educate anyone.

i have a rather negative way of dealing with this type of situation.  i learned many years ago to depend on no one (within reason of course) your colleagues are not diabetic and therefore politely listened to you and then continued on.  do not take offense at their actions or lack of consideration.  just politely say no thanks and if asked say i am diabetic i do not need the carbs.  i agree with the other posts.  there are many diplomatic ways to deal with it.  JET is little more than  a waste of time.  hope this helps.  all the best