Always feeling crappy

hey i was just wondering how or if this is linked to diabetes. ever since i was diagnosedi always just feel so horrible physically. my head just feels kindof stuffy and sometimes i just feel sick to my stomach. and whats even weirder is that i got a pump about 1 month ago (i love it by the way) and my blood sugars have been absolutely AMAZING and never even over 7.0 after i got my basal sorted out but im feeling even WORSE now. before i got my pump my sugars werent that bad they were within about 7-12 most of the time and my a1c was never above 7.5% also with the pump despite my blood sugars being great im feeling insanely tired all the time. its getting really annoying and im really not liking it :( has anyone else gone through something similar or know what it is? could you please tell me

I do feel "under the weather" more than it seems like other people do. Not every day though. B/c I was diagnosed so young, I can't compare it to pre-D...

How long ago did you get your #'s down? Could part of this be your body getting used to normal level sugars again?

Have you had your thyroid checked?

I feel bad sometimes.... But most of the time I feel pretty great.  You should probably be searching for some answers outside of D.  Though what you describe sounds a lot like allergies.

Hi Dillon

I don't know if you've joined other forums or not, but I'm a member of too and when I mentioned some of your symptoms from myself too, there were many different suggestions.  I mentioned being tired, and overall feeling of sickness, stomach bloated (but NOT fat), losing weight without trying to (but still bloated) ... etc.  There were a ton of people who suggested I get checked for Celiac's disease (sort of an allergy to Gluten) and then there were other suggestions of my thyroid issues?  I have had my thyroid checked and it's fine.  Still getting up the nerve to switch to a gluten free diet for a while to check for Celiac's.  A friend of mine has Celiac's (but not T1D) and he has to be really picky about what he eats and drinks.  I guess it's actually pretty common for Type 1s (T1Ds) to have other auto immune diseases.

How long have you had diabetes for?

thanks for all the replies guys. i got my sugars down to range about 3 weeks ago and i was dxd about 14 months ago. i got my thyroid checked about a week after being dxd and got my blood taken once when i was sick and they found thyroid problems but then because i was sick i got tested about a month after and apparently it was ok. i wondered if they just missed it or something because i noticed i was gaining weight a lot faster then usual but apparently that also comes after being diagnosed.

It might have something to do with your being recently diagnosed because i remember that for a few months after i was diagnosed i didn't feel right. Or it could be celiac disease. It is more common in t1 diabetics

If you've had your thyroid checked and things are ok, Definitely check for celiac. I had symptoms like that for over 5 years, and once I stopped eating wheat and gluten, they went away.

how long ago were you diagnosed? when i was newly diagnosed i always felt crappy and i also felt worse the first 2 or 3 months with my pump, but when you get used to it, you do start to feel better. ALOT better

So I have some input to this. First, I don't always feel very good in any sense of the word when my blood sugars are very stable. It's almost like depression. I am convinced that there is some sort of phase with very good control that mimics clinical depression, and I think it's biological. I mean, low BG issues are biological, and they certainly involve neurotransmitters. Why wouldn't the absence of low BG neurotransmitter function affect other states...

Second, I have hypothyroid. There are several people on here with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Some of the symptoms you describe--the fatigue, the stuffy feeling, these are what I felt and still feel when the meds are off.

Third, and forgive me if this is a dumb question, but how many hours a night do you get real, uninterrupted sleep? My sleep has never been stable because of the T1 interference. I think it's a very good thing ultimately, but more often than not, unless I'm in REM when it happens, I lose major sleep/wake straight up if my blood sugar is high or low. If it's low, I don't usually fall back asleep (thus the continuous rounds of 2-4 am entries on here--thank goodness for juvenation...anywhere else, and I'd earn a Mad Woman in the Attic reputation for posting everything online from, not that I care).

I'm still working on the whole sleep thing. The alarms on my pump are really frustrating. And I am planning a consistent (yeah, whatever) exercise routine. I love that there are alarms on the pump, though. They keep me in control...but they also seem to go off right when I am drifting off into real sleep. I wish pumps had a sleep sensor of some sort, you know? Now that would be technology that would I think help the sanity of T1 people...

I hope you feel better, seriously. I've felt like that, too. It comes and goes for me. Hopefully it will for you...go and not come back.