Fed up with type 1

hey, my name's Taylor and I've had type 1 for more than 7 years.  lately my blood sugars have been all over the place, the other day it was 495 (no idea why) and later that same night it went down to 48.  I'm so sick of this disease it's so frusterating I didn't eat anything I wasn't supposed to, in fact I didn't really eat much that day.  I really wish there was a cure, I don't even remember life without diabetes..


You need to make sure your pump basal rates are accurate.  Do you know how to test them?

It's totally natural to be frustrated with diabetes.  After I had D about 20 years I realized that diabetes didn't take me away from the life I was supposed to have, diabetes is a part of the person I am.  It's normal to feel discouraged or frustrated.  

Take care and get your pump settings more accurate so you don't have such big highs and lows.  Bouncind around like that will make you feel bad.  -Jenna

hey Jenna, I changed some basal rates on my pump so hopefully I'll have some better numbers, thanks!

hey taylor-

hang in there.  we ALL feel that way sometimes.  i myself am in the middle of some pretty crappy days stuck with high numbers. it's hard, but i know i'll get through it.

have you heard of the you can do this project?  check out their website (www.textingmypancreas.com/.../you-can-do-this-project.html) and look at some of the videos.  it's really been helping me.


okk cool thanks!! ill definitely check it out!!:)