Afraid of hitting veins


So I am using Humolog at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Lantus at bedtime. I feel like my injections take forever because I am constantly searching for a non-veiny spot. I bled after an injection one time and it scared me. Am I being overly cautious? Are those veins far enough under the skin? Or am I right to search and searh for a “good” spot. I feel like I am very veiny and I’m running out of spots to use.

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I was just wondering what injection site you use? I’ve only ever used my stomach, but I know you can use thigh and back of arm as well. I haven’t really had problems with bleeding in my stomach (maybe a drop of blood every once in awhile, but it’s infrequent), though lack of available real estate for injections can sometimes get to be an issue.

Also, are you using insulin pens (disposable pens full of insulin with needles that just screw on to the top of the pen) or vials of insulin that you draw up into a syringe yourself? I use pens, and it seems like the pen needles are a lot shorter (and therefore less scary) then the syringes with separate vials.

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Thanks for your response. I am using vials and syringes (but a shorter needle). I do the Humolog in my stomach, arms, and top of “cheeks” and my Lantus in my thighs. Some spots hurt worse than others. I’m just petrified of hitting a vein and I don’t know if that fear is warranted (or if it’s really no big deal). Before type 1 I was a cryer when it came to drawing blood and shots, so this may just be a little bit of this fear every time. I just know it’s taking way too long (or maybe it isn’t and I’m just being impatient lol)

I totally understand what you are saying.
I did get bruised hitting muscles back of arm and on my thigh, so I eliminated the arm, and only shoot the upper part of thigh where i know i can squeeze some fat for the injection in order to not hit muscle or vein. Unfortunately, I do hit veins there sometimes.
As for the stomach area, it’s a hit or miss. sometimes I do bleed.
I never shoot on my butt area, for my own fear of not being able to squeeze with hand for the shot.
I feel as though everybody and every body is different and have their own best locations. All-in-all, you are the one that will figure out the best spot for you.
The only recommendation that I do have from 20 plus years of this, is to always, always, massage the area afterwards as to not make a blood clot that could lead to bumps on the body for years on end. I am already seeing the effect of using my upper thighs, even though I massage the area.

I’ve been using my stomach mainly and have had some bleeding issues. I’ve been moving on to the tops of my thighs and the sides of my thighs. The pain that comes with the injection sometimes is the worst esp if you hit a spot you’ve done before or one that’s sensitive.

Hi there, switch to pens if you can. it makes the whole process easier (not having to draw insulin is such a plus). Ive never had anything bad happen from hitting a spot that bleeds (it wipes away fairly quickly and doesnt keep bleeding). is there a specific reason you are worried about it bleeding a little?

I don’t mind bleeding a little, but a couple times a lot of blood came out instantly and I thought I did something wrong. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. Mostly, I am afraid of any adverse effects if I DO hit a vein… but maybe it’s not a big deal if you do?

Like I mentioned, I am not good with needles (I am a big 31 year old baby). I don’t mind when they don’t hurt and it’s over quickly, but some spots are super tender and I’m a worry wort when it comes to possible things that could go wrong…

I don’t remember the last time I bled and I’ve been doing this a very long time. Relax. No need for self-imposed stress.

Hello –

I am a First Responder / EMT and I can assure you that nothing is going to happen if you bleed after an injection. You most likely have hit a capillary, NOT a vein anyway when you see the blood spurt out. It is realy no big deal.

I also agree that you should be trying to use insulin pens. If you get the Novo Nordisk sample ones from your doctor, they come with 5 (I think) pen needles. You will find that if you use these incredibly short and thin needles, you will barely feel the injection, if at all.

I am on an OmniPod insulin pump – the best insulin pump system – but there are days when I need to inject insulin when I am between pods, and I swear to you that most of the time, the needle goes in easily and I don’t even feel it.

So, try those and see if you don’t have better, less scary results.

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As always, I appreciate (and really listen) to everyone’s input. Thanks!