I'm pregnant! Now what?

I just found out this week that I’m pregnant! I’m 5-6 weeks. I use a pump. My last A1c was a bit high at 8. My blood sugars have been great in the last month though. Since finding out that I’m expecting, I’ve been checking my blood sugar a lot more. I’ve had a few highs around 200 and some lows around 50, usually overnight. I do have a CGM but don’t wear it all the time, usually just before Dr. apts. I will probably start wearing more often now. Every time I’m high, I get so worried about the baby’s health. I have my first OB and ultrasound in 3 weeks. Looking for advice on worrying about the baby and just in general things that worked for you in the early weeks. Thanks!

I was in the same boat you were in when I first found out I was pregnant. I had highs all over the place and I had lows everywhere. I was also extremely worried but I am know 16 weeks and the baby is looking good. You should talk to your diabetic Dr. I see mine every other week as well as my baby doctor the week I do not see my diabetic Dr. so if changes need to be made they can a change at separate times and see if that is working before the next one makes a change. It is all about talking with your doctors and being honest with them. Also speak with a dietician about meal plans, I think most Type 1's will say the same that you should eat the same breakfast every morning and it should be something like toast with peanut butter or a Jimmy dean breakfast sandwich or something with a ton of protein but not a lot of carbs. Lunch and dinner should be 30-70 carbs. It does get better but you have to talk with your doctors who will have you under lock and key. My OB told me highs do not effect the baby on a daily basis but having weeks of highs can if that makes you feel any better and none of us are perfect, being a diabetic and pregnant will throw your blood sugars all over the place. My first trimester I had tons of lows but I went extremely high after breakfast and lunch, but now in my second trimester I have fewer lows but highs during the night and still after lunch. So keep chugging along and do the best you can and take it one day at a time and watch for patterns such as when you go highest and when you go lowest to help make changes easier. Also use the CGM it will help you detect highs and lows sooner, I have one and LOVE IT!!!! Good luck momma and remember one day at a time and communication with your doctors is key

Use your CGM, at least temporarily, to make sure your basal rates are accurate.    

Be diligent about looking up carb counts.  

Healthcare providers worry about high blood sugars because they can make your baby fatter and cause a blood sugar imbalance after the baby is delivered.  You should avoid that as much as possible.

But I was more concerned with low blood sugars.  Babies born to malnourished moms are more prone to cognitive impairment and  low IQs . There are studies done with cats and other animal that show when they experience blood sugars their offspring have impaired neuron development.  Our brains run on glucose; it is vital to a fetus's development.  I haven't seen any research on the impact of short-term low blood sugar on a human baby's development, but common sense would tell you it has to have some type of effect.  So test often to avoid the lows.  

A non-diabetic woman's blood sugar is 60-80 so the clinical definition of "low" is a little different than most diabetics' definition.  When pregnant I aimed for a blood sugar of 80.  I'd treat any blood sugar below 70.  Because I was testing often I only dropped below 60 a couple times when pregnant.  ONLY HAVE THIS TIGHT OF A RANGE WITH YOUR DOCTOR'S PERMISSION AND IF YOU CAN DO IT WITHOUT SEVERE LOWS.

Find a doctor who you like.  Each doctor has different views of how often you need appointments. I'd had type 1 for 28 years by the time I was pregnant.  My endo recommended an OBGYN she liked and the OB updated her on my diabetes so I wouldn't have so many doctor appointments.  For the first couple weeks I emailed my glucose readings to the OB, but they were fine so he let me stop doing that.  I didn't have weekly visits until the last month before my son was due.  

All advice aside, you will be a great mom.  There is no reason you can't do this.  Before you know it you'll be posting pics of your son or daughter or twins (yikes!) and telling other expectant moms what worked for you. =)


First of all Congrats!! It is the most amazing journey I have ever gone through in my life!!!

I also had a high a1c when I found out I was pregnant but, got it down really quickly in a 3 month period of time. I ended up having all of my a1c levels in the 6 range the entire pregnancy and my son was still huge! 10 pounds 13 oz.

Do the best you can... Treat your highs, treat your lows, check your blood sugars and eat right. Try to exercise if you aren't tired. The more you worry the harder it will be to keep your blood sugars in check. I am a worrier by nature but, by some crazy aligning of some stars I was perfectly calm the during my entire pregnancy. My motto was correct and move on and it worked. Having some highs during the pregnancy are inevitable but, you can correct it quickly by checking more frequently and with the help of your CGM.

Congrats again, we are here when you need us!!

Thanks so much for all the advice! It's so nice to have a group who knows what each other is going thru.

I am 6 weeks along. I love my OB and I will see her for an ultrasound next week. She did send me to a high risk OB who will be managing my diabetes while I'm pregnant. I saw her yesterday and loved her! I felt very comfortable with her and the nurses. I also had my first ultrasound! The baby's heartbeat was perfect for 6 weeks at 110. It didn't feel real until that moment.

My blood sugars have been pretty good. Ranging from 80-140. I was having a low of around 50 almost every night around 1am. The high risk OB had me decrease my basal by .10 and I didn't have a low last night. I'll be faxing in weekly blood sugars and they'll make changes as necessary.

Thanks again for all the advice! We are going to see our families next weekend and we will finally get to spill the beans! They live a couple of hours away and wanted to tell them in person. Can't wait to see their faces!