2nd trimester?

Hi, I'm right at 12 weeks, and was wondering how do 2nd trimester numbers look?  I know the 1st trimester has a lot of lows (I experienced my fare share of those late at night a few weeks ago) and 3rd trimester is a lot of insulin resistance.  But was just wondering how does the 2nd trimester add up?  Is it a mix of highs and lows?  Or pretty stable?

Thank you for asking this question!  I am 14 weeks and so far my numbers are looking the same as my first trimester.  Unexplainable lows and a couple highs, here and there, but many.  

I look forward to seeing other's responses.

Thank you!

I felt a lot better and my blood sugars were more normal in 2nd trimester.  My insulin needs slowly increased as I gained weight, but it was minimal.  

Best part of 2nd triemester is I felt good enough to start exercising again.  And I finally looked pregnant, instead of just bloated like in first trimester!  =)

I was experiencing nighttime lows until i reached the second trimester. now im experiencing quite a bit of highs and a few lows (rarely) as i adjust my insulin.  it's a balancing act each week as you progress.

I just hit 13 weeks and my blood sugars have gone through the roof.  I had a chicken breast with bbq sauce and salad for dinner which caused sugars in the 300s.  Anyone else had similar problems and if so how did you deal with it?  I think I've been in the correct range for about 3 hours in the last 24 and I feel like I'm going crazy.

In the second trimester things for me seemed a bit more stable. I was also feeling better and was able to deal with everything easier. In the beginning of second trimester I believe I was still running on the lower side but not extreme lows. And with the constant checking I was able to catch them quicker anyway. I was able to walk more so that helped to prevent any higher numbers from trying to sneak in. I was also trying to figure out foods that didn't spike my blood sugars or to eat in general. Because I just didn't have an appetite. I had to force myself to eat most of the pregnancy I just wasn't that hungry. I think that helped my numbers also because I wasn't over eating. I was just eating to get nutrients for the baby. No cravings for this mom!

That's so good to hear!  I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow, and was wondering when the appetite/cravings would kick in.  I guess maybe some women just don't experience that?  I had a really bad low last night, but for the most part, my numbers have stabilized, with a few more highs than I would like :/