Second Pregnancy - a whole different ballgame?

Hi Everyone,
My first Type 1 pregnancy went beautifully, the first trimester I struggled with lows more than anything else and the majority of my a1cs were under six. I’m currently five and a half weeks along with our next one and this pregnancy has been nothing like the last! I can’t seem to do anything to get my high blood sugar down. Last night I was 297 and it took 3 hours to come down, even with exercise and corrections and then two hours later I was 46. I’m really worried about what these highs are doing to baby.My endo says not to worry since they are short lived, but I’m so concerned. I rarely had a number above 200 with my last pregnancy and I feel like I am getting a number above 200 each day with this pregnancy and they take forever to come down. Just curious if anyone else had pregnancies that varied so much or struggled with insulin resistance this early on.

I’m afraid I can’t weigh in but I’m definitely going to follow this thread since we hope to have our second baby in the near future! Good luck to you!