Roller coaster numbers

The last few days my blood sugar has been low during the day, then high in the evening. My bg has always been a little higher in the evening. But lately I'm so low during the day that for the past 2 days I haven't taken any luch time insulin and when I test after lunch my numbers are good. And then I take my insulin with my supper but am still high in the evenings. I take 2 units insulin for every 15g of carbs. I haven't changed the time I eat or the foods I eat. Does anyone have any suggestions? My doctor's gone on holidays so I can't talk to him...

I feel like my BG's go through crazy phases sometimes and then recover. Hopefully yours will too!

1. Even if your endo is away, is there a nurse/CDE you can talk to instead? Or an endo resident on call? (I'm not an endo, so you have to take my advice with a grain of salt!!)

2. Are you on a pump? Maybe you need lower basals during the day and higher in the evening?

3. Most of us seem to have different meal ratios depending on the meal / time of day. Maybe 2:15 isn't right for all day? It sounds like you need less insulin to cover breakfast and lunch, and more to cover dinner.

4. I'd try to make one change at a time (e.g., basals or meal ratios) and wait a couple of days to make sure you can tell if each change worked.