2 year old grandson recently diagnosed

My grandson was diagnosed over the weekend and I am a little nervous about caring for him when he gets released from hospital.

I’m so sorry to hear about your grandson. That’s rough and definitely scary.
There will be a bit of a learning curve as you adjust to your new lifestyle. It WILL get easier as you go. You’ll learn what works best for you and eventually it’ll just become ordinary.
It’s important to ask lots of questions so you can learn more about T1D. It’s great that you’ve already discovered this website; that’ll make things a lot easier. Please email me at abigaelparrish13@gmail.com if you want to talk :slight_smile:

that is hard. & being 2 is more hard. it get easier with time. did for me. found a good website to ask stuff about him.

Sometimes it helps to bring him a special thing to hold while his bloodsugar is being tested or he’s getting shots. I got a little stuffed cat when I left the hospital, and I was four, but sometimes it just feels better to hold on to. If you’re confused about what you should do when you watch him, just make sure you test his bloodsugar every two hours or so and give him a shot or bolus before you give him anything to eat. If it’s hard to learn anything, there are lots of diabetes support books to read.
Good luck!

I’m really sorry about your grandson. Don’t be afraid, just start learning and make him welcome in your home. I was 4 when diagnosed and am grateful for my family members who didn’t make a big deal of it.

Thanks for the advice Jenna, everyday we are all learning more and more on how to care for my grandson and that’s exactly what were working on, not making a big deal about it, he’s still the same special little guy he was before he was diagnosed.

Sorry to hear about your grandson. Our 6 year old grand daughter was just diagnosed in August. It was quite a shock for all involved. Fortunately our granddaughter, her parents, and both sets of grandparents were required to attend about 14 hours of training, test blood glucose, count carbs, and administer insulin. It helped quite a bit ease the process and gave us some basic information and what to look for if she was “low”. We recently joined type one nation website and have found a lot of help.

One thing I would reiterate that others have said, keep a positive attitude and they are the same kid that that likes to play, laugh, and have fun!