Newly diagnosed

my 3 years 11 month old son was just diagnosed on monday with type 1........ any advice is greatly appreciated!!! thanks julie

Test his sugar many times, eat when necessary, give insulin (all as directed by doctor).

Be prepared for anything, T1 can be unpredictable

Always have something to eat in case he's low.

Hi Julie.

My son was diagnosed at 12 months 2 weeaks old. He's 3 1/2 now. I read something very helpful in a book his doctor gave me: "Be a parent, not a pancreas." Try not to blame yourself when every BG doesn't fall in range. Check his sugar as often as you feel necessary! It will take time to learn the signs that he's low. To treat lows I give Brandan fruit snacks. He loves them because they come in his favorite characters.

I know it's hard to believe at this time and you've probably heard it already, but it will get easier. Checking his sugar and giving him insulin will become a part of your daily routine. Brandan and my 17 month old know that it's time to eat when they see me get the sugar stuff out. (That's what we call the meter, etc.) Brandan often gets it out and starts preparing it himself.

I could go on for pages. I've sent you a friend request and I will answer any questions you have, or we can just talk. Take care and good luck. Oh, and welcome to Juvenation. I'm still pretty new here myself.

My little for year old was diagnosed 3 weeks ago so this is all new to us as well...Mornings his levels are around 4, little lower than docs want it, and rest of the day hes between 15-20 little higher than theyd with docs help we're trying to get the right dosage..he's already gotten better taking the insulin, doesn't fight it near as much..My wife Allison had a wrist band nearby and came up with the idea of a MAGIC CUFF so it doesnt hurt as much..jesse seemed to take to that idea well...give it a few weeks and he won't fight as much...

Sorry to hear this. I was "diagnosed" 100% November 6th. Listen to your doctors, and keep lots of notes. Book keeping has helped me so much. Keeping track of carb's, glucose levels, times of meals, times of blood checks, is important at first so I'm told. It's also helping me get more organized in general.

our sons levels seem to remain on the high side so needless to say when things go below 10 we are happy!!! but i wonder if i am spending too much time and engery worrying about those high number? i hope that we reach a plateau where we are no longer in shock and that this is a regular thing for us and not so sad/scary/ETC.  anyway thank you so much for adding me as you friend at this point i feel i can never have to many!!!