YAY For us we moved and

the school here rocks. They have a full time health clerk who knows D-care they do what each individual kid needs. Ri can test in class still no problem. I have some time to get her orders in place as soon as I find a doc for her ect. The health clerk is trained in giving glucagon and YAY so much more they have 5 now 6 t-1 one in 4th grade like Ri and the rest are older. They also have a diabetes mentoring program with the 5 high schooler's they have if we want ther to be apart of that program too. WOOT. They dont have as much of a program for my boys as they did at the old school but they are bending every which way to get the support they will need for the year.

sounds like 2011 has gotten off to a kick-ass start for you guys =) glad to hear this school is going to be better than the last and I'm glad they are willing to change things around the boys' needs as well!

awesome news, jessica! glad to hear things are going so much better for you :o)

Jessica, this absolutely the most fabulous thing I've read all day---all week!

Whoa, that sounds fantastic!  Riley must love it, and it's great that the school is doing everything they can to help your boys!

:D :D :D

SO happy to read this. One less stress for you if the D care gets managed well at school with no fighting!


She didnt get to go yesterday when we registered them (there are two houses here on the same property my brother in law his wife and 3 kids moved into the other house) she had thrown up once over night and had ketones. So I didnt want her up and walking around. So tomorrow if we can get through the snow will be her first time seeing it.

That is wonderful news !

Yay! So excited for you and your family!  Keep us posted on how everyone's adjusting!

well she didnt get to start today because my son had a grand mal this morning and was to out of it for me to get her there. SO hopefully tomorrow.