Don't mess with my boy!

Well, I thought we had it great, and for the most part we do.  Our school nurse is wonderful and the teacher and aide in my son's kindergarten class are wonderful as well.  So what could possibly go wrong at school, right?

Well, apparently the school nurse was in a private meeting concerning another student today, when my son wasn't feeling well.  The teacher's aide took him to the nurse's office, and when the door was closed, she stood with him outside the door.  The school secretary said that the nurse was busy and couldn't be disturbed, to which the aide responded that she just needed to get his test kit (right inside the door).  Well, apparently the secretary got the principal involved who said that she needed to wait and it was obvious that Kevin was not "in crisis" because he looked ok.  The door opened, and she grabbed the kit to test his BG, and it was 300.  This is the threshold at which they've been told to call me so I can test for ketones.  She responded that this was crisis level for them, and the principal responded that she was over-reacting.

I've since talked to the nurse who tried to expain to the principal the importance of Kevin being tested if he's not feeling well, but she insisted that he was fine and that the aide was out of line.  Needless to say, I am meeting with the principal tomorrow (she doesn't know yet), and we're going to develop a 504 plan, if only to protect those who are trying to protect my son.

And the school board will be hearing from me as well.

I'm thankful for great school staff, but it stinks that they have to put themselves on the line to protect my son. 

Ugh, that sucks! I mean, it takes 2 seconds to grab the meter, right.

But, I'm so glad that the nurse tried to explain it and was "on your side."

Good luck tomorrow!

Wow that principle would have my foot where the sun doesnt shine! I am glad there are people there willing to stand up for your son.

That is ridiculous. I work in a school, and that just would not fly in our school. I hope everything goes well for you and that everything gets handled!