Xbox reward

Do people here think that if we stick to the medication and control the blood sugar level extremely well, should we be given rewards? e.g. some type of xbox points, shop vouchers? Think that will encourage young people to take medication on a timely order. What do you guys think?

I think you’re on to something. They could have a blood sugar tracker app that gives you points every time you’re within a good range. Maybe after you build up a certain number of points, you could get a reward. Maybe a diabetes alert bracelet, or a t shirt, or a gift card, or other such things. The bigger prizes could be an iPod or such? This app could also track the carbs you take and make sure you take the correct insulin dosage and on the correct schedule and that could give you points as well. I would totally get an app if it existed. Personally, it would give me more of an incentive to stick to a schedule and try harder to control my levels.

This could be good but it would be quite difficult to know who most deserves the rewards because someone could not put any effort into their diabetes and have really good blood sugars (me for the first three years of diagnosis) and those who try really hard at controlling but their blood sugars don’t reflect their hard work (me now!)