Words of Wisdom? First 1/2 Marathon

In about 9 days, I will run my 1st half marathon.  T1 diabetes is such an individual thing so I know "words of wisdom" are difficult.   My big question is, for those diabetic marathoners out there - what do you eat for breakfast? 

The run starts at 7am (which is about 2 hours from my normal breakfast time) ... I know carbs are a necessity of course, but just curious what types of things keep you going strong throughout the race and don't create a lot of "gut bulk"?  Normally I run in the evenings since I start work so early in the morning so I'm a bit nervous.  Any tips?  I'll have myself loaded with quick sugar gels (I generally need to eat about 20 carbs every 30-40 minutes when I run).

I just wish I could run this race worried more about "the run" instead of my blood sugars.  Blah.