Winter time numbers

I've gone through a bit of a hating diabetes episode this past WEEK.  I dont know if its something I'm eating (having changed much), the exercise I'm not getting now that its winter time, or the fact that its winter time and cold weather affects?

for instance I was 370 tonight after dinner (i allowed for everything I ate at least within 20 carbs but i dont think a number like 93 should shoot up that high if i was only off by 20, I had cream of chicken and wild rice soup from panera, a baguette, a turkey sandwich on sourdough, and a handful of candy which was only like 30carbs, I gave enough insulin for 100 carbs, did I give enough?) and it took me about 3 hours to get back down into range after walking for 3 miles I was back to 230 but then it took another hour to get back down to 102.


my guess is that your meal was over 100 cho without the candy. without looking it up, i would guesstimate it to be about 130 cho. i'm sure panera has nutrition info listed somewhere.


my 'expert' opinion is that it wasn't enough insulin to cover the meal.f <-- that f is just for you.

it could be your change in food, lack of excerise AND winter.

I always go higher in the winter and the summer. The temp always disturbs my body and I find even if I don't feel stressed, it causes my body stress. might just need to up your carb ratio slightly while you're home and see if that helps.

I think Panera does have their carbs on their website, unless I'm confusing them w/ Cosi. One of the only reasons I love to eat at a chain, lol. I can look up the carbs. I always get the signature salad and bread at Cosi ... I have it memorized -- 91 grams of carbs. (:

I love panera and yes they have their info on their site.

Sometimes certain things just make me go high, i have this problem with chinese food it seems like i always shoot up high and like over 300 high when i eat it. I would have guessed 100-130 carbs too for what u ate..  honestly i would just keep a mental note to do more next time im at panera

Panera bread nutrition

panera gives you this huge binder to look through but its all in there!