Wine, Food, and Blood Glucose Levels

I've made a recent, but not very earth-shattering, discovery:  the times I have a glass of wine (or three...whoops) with dinner, my blood sugars are phenomenal.  Doesn't matter that I'm eating pasta, bread, dessert - anything that normally messes me up BG-wise, doesn't.  I have to watch myself afterwards, so that I don't drop low, but the wine seems to completely eliminate that post-meal spike I sometimes see.  I can tell this, because my CGM has a pretty much flat line all the way through dinner, as well as for two hours afterwards.  If I've eaten something high-fat (read: lots of cheese), I still see some elevation after two hours, but it's nothing like it normally would be.

This could be a dangerous discovery... ha.

Kim, You are my kind of gal

I have made this discovery as well with Beer and wine lol, if you ever make it to NY ring me up and we will have a wine and cheese night hahahaha

:D  I told my friend who lives in CT (who I'm going to see next weekend) about it today, and she's like "Is that why you had such great numbers when I was there last summer?  We were always drinking wine!"  Haha...  "always" might be an embellishment...  but she has a point.

Haha, it's a date! 


Same thing happens to me always!! I thought I was the only one!!


and yes, usually my "glass" of wine usually turns into 3 or 5...but it mostly lowers my sugars after eating a high carb meal. But I usually just drink red. And I never bolus for wine. My CDE said its best to run a little high while drinking then have a plumenting low when you go to bed.  haha. Thanks liver!!

I am the total opposite....whenever I have beer or wine, my blood sugar goes sky high.  More so with wine. 

The one time I've had alcohol since diagnosis (a little over a month ago), it was one glass of red wine and my BG went DOWN.  But I knew that was possible, so I was keeping an eye on it and snacked.  I was definitely on the lower side the next day, too.

Yes,  I have had the same reaction but only when I eat food at the same time.  If I drink and don't eat, I drop way low.  Wine, cheese, a little fruit, a little bread - hmmm reminds me of Italy.

Basically, you are a genius!

I have read some articles about people who drink moderately and those who do not at all, and they say that if you are a person with type 1 diabetes and you drink moderately (the moderate part is probably my problem) your A1c is actually lower than if you do not drink at all. My doctor also warned me that on vacation to skip my night time shot, if I were drinking because alcohol lowers blood sugar. I think the tricky is that most people drink high sugar mixers when they drink, like margaritas, but light beer and dry wines seem to be okay, personally I am a Jack and diet coke girl, which works also!