Diabetes and alcohol

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I have never tried drinking wine and I wanted to ask how wine affects your BS? Does it even have influence on it? Thanks!

Hi @agne,

A glass or two of wine does not have any effect on my BGL when I drink it with food - yes, I bolus normally for the food.
But that is my aged body with 60+ years of insulin dependence; every body is different, so be cautious. I’d suggest that before your “first”, that you be in a relatively good place with your glucose levels and not having experienced unusual activity. Never take alcohol if your BG is low because alcohol can lower BG and the “buzz” from your drink might mimic low glucose.

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A glass or two of red wine will generally lower mine a bit. Craft beer gives a very temporary increase (I learned the hard way not to correct) then has a slight lowering effect. Bad combo is intensive work out followed by alcohol and hot tub (Will go hypo unless I snack)

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@Dennis, do you eat your usual carb ratio if you are having a glass of wine as well? I’m about to turn 21 and adding alcohol into the mix is something that makes me increasingly nervous. I was told to definitely still eat carbs like everyone else but to also increase the amount of protein I’m consuming; do you agree or have any other tips?

Sarah @Sarah1196 ,

Sarah I smile to myself as you ask questions about wine and the fact that you will soon be 21; our granddaughter, also named Sarah, will be 21 in just over two months and she too will be drinking wine - she does not have diabetes but did have a sip at our last dinner party - and had questions.

Yes, I definitely keep my same carb ratios when I enjoy my wine with dinner and when I count all the carbs in the food correctly, my BGL a few hours later is usually just where I want it to be. I would suggest caution when you have your first few glasses [ well, always caution with anything new] and have a glass of wine with a meal that you know so that other factors are not affecting your BG. If you are eating at a restaurant, check the carb content in the meal and have a good idea what your bolus amount should be; CalorieKing has fairly accurate carb counts for chain restaurants. Having a glass of wine at a meal you prepare and know carbs for your portion size is a ‘safe’ time to learn.

I like that you feel comfortable, you say ‘increasingly nervous’, about leading a normal, full life and managing your diabetes to fit your lifestyle; there really isn’t anything we can not do or achieve.

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@Dennis @sneathbupp thanks! I went to my friend’s 18 birthday a few days ago (since I live in Europe and the 18 is the allowed drinking age) and had a glass of wine, so I took you advice and everything turned out all right:)) Thanks one more time!

Hi @agne, I’m really happy that my / our suggestions worked well for you. I always hesitate when offering advice such as that - different foods, alcohol and medications can affect each of us differently.
What I say here is based on my own experiences, mostly, and on suggestions and information shared with me.