Why don't people know?

Don't you hate it when you have known someone for months and months and months and one day they randomly say, "You have diabetes? I didn't know that."

For some reason, I always want to say, "No. I don't have diabetes. I just stab myself with needles for fun."

Yeah... its kind of like they have memory loss or something.

i just don't tell anyone.   i hate being labelled the diabetic girl.

Tell me about it. I don't tell people either unless i know them well, i hate the label. its stupid and then people reference me as "ohh, she's the one with diabetes, right?" 

I hate it, especially if it is somebody you like(d).


I don't think it's that bad, being labeled that.  I'm already out there as it is.

I dont like to tell people unless i have kown for a long time

Yeah,  friends are always so shocked when I don't tell them the instant I meet them. It's annoying because I don't want to be remembered as the diabetic girl, and honestly, it's my choice when to tell them.

yeah, if I had a choice, I wouldn't tell anybody at all. I hate the label. That's all people see you as: the diabetic chick. It sucks. The only reason anybody knows is because coaches and stuff need to now. That, and I've got a pump, so it's not the easiest thing to hide.

Especially to people who don't understand, I think I'm more surprised that they don't know then they are that they didn't tell me.  But then again, I have nothing to hide (I can't keep a secret about myself from anyone who is a friend of mine.


I am an unknown quantity, even to myself.

I also hate when people just find out you have diabetes and they keep saying things that will try to make you feel better. I mean it's not like I'm going to die!

actually im very insucure about my diabetes because it ment i was diffrent and i rather people not know cause they tend to be over protective and i hate that!!

Well, I really do understand where all of you are coming from, but at the same time, people will probably never know much about diabetes until they meet or know someone who has it.  Even though it wasn't my choice, diabetes is a big part of me now, and I feel a calling to educate others.  I may just be abnormal, but I have enough people that I feel close to that I don't really care too much what other people think.  Now that doesn't mean I want to be labeled something that people imply to be negative, but it does mean that I check my blood sugar and do all of my injections in public if I'm eating out or I don't feel well.  Sorry, to mix up the vibe in these posts, but I couldn't resist sharing my opinion.  You all are welcome to add me as a friend if you'd like.  It's nice to know that there's others around your age dealing with diabetes :)

In the long run, it helps. Many of the people I associate with know I'm a type 1. They've defended me against rude subs that don't believe I have this disease, and they always manage to remind me of the many things I have to do. At this point they know more than I do and so does my boyfriend. When we go out on dates he carries my glucose stuff and always has a spare in his car for me (ain't he precious) and whenever I'm in a pissy mood due to my uncontrollable numbers, he just holds me till I stop screaming or ranting or crying. He and my friends have seen me change my pump, or get frustrated and it's good to have that support there for you! It sure does help me :D PLUS, im not really labeled at my high school, considering we have about 20 type 1's!

i hate it when my friend hears even a small mention of diabetes and says "oh yeah you have diabetes i forgot. You know that chocolate milk has a lot of sugar right?" then im like "you think i spent 2 years memorizing how many CARBS it has and then not know it has sugar"

I know!! WHen people found ou (or my mother told them) they were like " I am sorry" &  i said " For what!?!?" and they just looked at me. NO come back to that one:) Also i have a question, I am new at being a diabetic so.. will all of the same questions from people that are coming now always be asked??

I am kinda outgoin so everyone knows me but not just as diabetic girl