Whats your basal rate?

i was just wondering what other pumpers basal rates were at. my basal rate is 1.8 units per hr. my doctor says that is too much but it is only for starters.

I really like your sweet saying.  

Back when I had a pump I took 1.2 units per hour on average.  Eventually I dialed it in so my night time was much less and it gradually increased through the day.


you don't have a pump anymore???

i have 5 and don't feel like listing them all :o) it changes based on time of day because i tend to run higher during the night and early morning and i run lower in the afternoons/evenings.

No pump anymore.  I got tired of having a pump.  It really started interfering with life.  One time I went out of town and had a scare.  Well it was more than one time.  I don't have much body fat so the place where the pump needle goes in got kinked alot.  Well it would get kinked and I would have like a high that was like 600bg.  So I had to take a pack with me every where I go.  Normal insulin and needles encase the pump failed PLUS all the extra pump supplies encase my pump needs and tubes had a problem (which they did all the time).

So I ditched the pump.  It was leaving scars and it felt like I had a extra arm that just got in the way.

i had some major scarring issues when i used the deltec. i switched to animas and i don't have that problem anymore. some of the scars i don't think will fade.

I have 6 Basal's that run throughout the day, I have one at 1.00, 1.05, 1.25, .85,1.00, and 1.05. It moves higher in the morning. The .85 is the one I use most though.

Brian, your basals look almost exatly like mine!  I have the lowest (.85) basal at night.  Sometimes I adjust/lower my basals on the weekend too since I'm out and about more and not spending the whole day sitting in a chair in front of a computer at work!!

from 7pm to 9am my basal rate is 0.7/hour and from 9am to 7pm it's 1.1/hour

Midnight-3am: 1.3/h
3am-7pm: 1.7/h
7pm-Midnight: 1.3/h

well i have 5 basals: 1.8, 1.2, 2.8, 2.0, 1.5

it was .75 until like a week ago but now it's .85

it seems like mine is so much lower than everyone else's.... haha

I start the pump wednesday night, my basal will be 0.45 per hour, that is pretty low, I am sure eventually that will change.

My doctor started me out at a low basal by weekend, I had more or less established the pattern I was using until even today. I mean it might tweak a small bit, otherwise things have been pretty standard.

wow i feel tiny im on like .85 to 1.0 all day

Mine are:

7:30 a.m. - 2 pm:  0.95

2 pm - 4:30 pm: 0.8

4:30 - 9 pm:  0.6

9 pm - 7:30 a.m.:  0.575

12:00 - 2:30          1.5

2:30-6:00              0.4

6 - 9                        2.8

9 - 11:30                2.4

11:30 -3                 0.2

3-6                          2.1

6-12                       1.1

Some of my doctors think this is crazy, but it works for me.

Actually, one doctors always tries to get me to go back to like 2 basal rates for the whole day, and another says that because I run so much this many rates is not strange.

I think I win for smallest amount...unless a parent decides to post their young child's basal rates.

12am-12:30pm : 0.125 u/hr

12:30pm-12am : 0.100u/hr

Wow Vered - My son is 7 and his basal is 0.2

I thought he would have the smalled amount but you have him beat!

haha I win!