:((( whata summer :(((

so my uncle Allen's mom just passed away, my uncle Lee's dad is getting ready to pass away :(( we love you Sonny. and now my uncle Lee just had a stroke and has a clot in his caroided(sorry can't spell it) artery in his neck. my best guy friend from Nevada's sister just passed away, my fiance's mom may lose her house, my aunt Lou may lose her house. i mean waht the hell?? i feel so bad that all this is going on! i love you all and i hope that you all get better, and that the financial issues improve!!



Wow, Jessa...I'm really sorry to hear about all of this.  I send you, your family, and friend my sincere condolences. 

I do have to admit though, that I really thought the end of 2009 would bring better tidings for everyone...However, it seems like it hasn't made much of a difference.  I'm not comparing, but I also do have to ask, "What the hell?!" A co-worker of mine recently found his wife had taken her own life.  It came as quite a shock.  A good friend of my sister's has always been a housewife and stay-at-home mom as her husband had such a successful career when he recently had some sort of melt down to give up his career entirely, wanting to go back to school to become a doctor instead, putting his wife & child with no financial income.  I mean, it wasn't like he was super rich or anything, but just successful enough to support his family on his own.  Now that he can no longer do that, she has to figure out a way to find work (with no experience) that will pay her enough to support the family.  What is with that?!  I feel just as guilty though, but lucky at the same time b/c my husband also has a successful career, but has already expressed his frustrations with how much he works and how he wants to retire early.  This worries me b/c I do not make enough on my own to support the both of us, only barely enough to pay my student loans, plus as a freelancer, I don't get benefits.  I have health insurance through my husband's work.  Luckily, he's smart enough not to quit now, but I'm always looking for a job that could give him some sort of relief so that he doesn't have to feel like all the financial support and health benefits responsibilities are on him.  Anyway, so yeah...What gives Summer of 2010?!?

I also wish the best for everyone and send you all my love!