What works before bed when your number is just below zone

I noticed Apple with peanut butter works the best for me before bed when i’m just below my zone.

What works best for other people?

Hi @Starzz,

I’ll need to take a guess at what you mean by “just below” zone" and also the methods you use to manage [I will not say ‘control’ as that isn’t possible] your T1. I’ll use myself as an example; I manage T1 by use of an insulin pump with Humalog, have counted carbs since the 1970’s, maintained an HG/HB A1c 6.6 or below since I was a participant of development in the early 70’s and I’m extremely brittle.

My target range between 8 PM and midnight is 110 - 140 so “just below zone” would be about 106 for me. At about 10:15 PM I would eat 6 saltines spread with peanut butter - 18 grams of carbohydrate and adjust the bolus for the small correction and any ‘active insulin’. I would avoid eating a fast acting and quickly diminished carb, such as apple, in favor of carbs that are more slowly absorbed and will stay in me. Then at 3 AM I’ll recheck [something I’ve been doing for years] and make any necessary correction - which is often eating.

Good Day Dennis,

I have carefully gone through your entire history of diagnosing & ever since you have been managing, its something extraordinary for which I have to congratulate you. I felt that the way you have adopted is not easy for everyone. Just to share here, being inspired, I tried to go in a very accurate, measured & calculated way but very soon found myself in hot waters in terms of anxiety, dizziness, weakness & guessing BG all the time followed by 10- 12 checking with the meter. But not to give up entirely, what I did, is to simply/ short list the favorite foods into small groups by focusing mainly on carbs in them. Now after practicing for few weeks, I can guess & predict how much my BG after 75 min & 120 minutes after consuming of certain food items in a limited amount. Actually I keep on repeating only short-listed food item, for which I am sure that how much these will be going to raise BG. Since my objective & focus was to control the spikes (more than 300) after eating which have been come under control largely (8 out of 10 times) as I found less than 300 most of the time after 75 minutes of eating, which mostly take less than 2 hours to below 200mg/dl. In this way, I get rid of testing too much frequently & keep on guessing time & again.
Now morning BG generally ranges around 110 - 130 then afternoon (mid day) 70-100, evenings mostly inside 150.

Considering your huge experience, I request you to guide whether the explained approach is correct one?

Your kind response shall highly be appreciated please.

Kind Regards,
Munir Nara.
(Lahore 36C, 1255 Hours)

I have had T1D since 1990, and my A1C’s are in the mid 5. range. I do not use a pump because I don’t like the idea of “something” attached to my body all the time. It is not infrequent for me to experience lows before I go to bed, like last night. It was 34, and unfortunately I over corrected. Usually I am very conservative about treatment for lows, but this was low enough that I wasn’t able to think clearly. The result was that at 1am I was up to 190, not good at all for me.This morning I am 140, still higher than I find acceptable, so I took an extra unit of Humulog with my breakfast. I expect to be fine in an hour.
Normally at night I have one whole wheat cracker with peanut butter to get me through the night. That seems to work. I am wary of fruit because it usually really spikes my numbers. I am 70 years old with no other health problems.