What tools (apps or other software) are missing?

I’ve spent my entire life building software for other people. My daughter was recently diagnosed and now there is a cause for which I would like to build software. As I have looked for tools to help me and my child I have formed ideas about what I wish was available. I would very much like to hear other people’s experiences and what they wish was out there.

tehre are people, individuals and software folks, who are working toward an artificial pancreas, where the insulin pump receives signals from a glucose sensor and from a finger prick glucose meter, then processes the information, compares it to the pump’s alert and alarm settings, sets off any alarms/alerts as appropriate, and then the big part that hasn’t been done [note at end], the pump decides how much insulin to administer or how much to pull back from the basal rate. The purpose is to keep blood glucose within a tight range of control. Do a search on artificial pancreas for more info, including in these web pages.

NOTE: Medtronic just received the okay from the FDA to manufacture and sell its artificial pancreas that has gone thru years of development and testing.