What is "Feeling Low" to you

Hey guys Ive been diabetic for coming up on 9 years now and have never really been able to really describe to anyone what feeling low is like. Doctors and nurses are never really satisfied by my answers and when a curious friend asks they wish i had a better answer as well. I know everyone is different and it probably is little different for each of us but I’m just curious if anyone has found a way to accurately describe the feeling. I can list the symptoms that I get but they’re not the same each time like shakiness, being dizzy, lethargic, etc but every time there is that accompanying feeling that I just can’t describe in any other way than “feeling low” Does anyone else know the feeling I’m talking about? Whenever a doctor asks I just feel like I get low wrong because it makes it sound like I don’t know when I’m low when I can definitely tell

I’m the same way. Sometimes my vision gets funny (I see something that looks like an after image like when you have looked into a bright light). Sometimes I get cold or shaky. Sometimes I just feel “low”.

I completely relate!! My friends and parents frequently ask me what it feels like to be low and I’ve never been able to give them an adequate answer. Typically for me I feel lightheaded/dizzy and very shaky; sometimes I get pins-and-needles in my hands and I frequently notice that my mood has changed or it’s difficult to concentrate. But there’s always that “low” feeling that’s impossible to put into words… just one of those things I guess.