Why do i feel low when i'm high?!?!?!

Ok, so I tested cause I felt low and you know what the number is?! 194!!! I know it's not a false low Cause i had normal control over the last few days. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

the same thing happens to me!(: I don't get it! I feel low, shaking and everything, sweating my butt off, and its like 334?!

It happened yesterday, too! It's really unsettling.

When your glucose is high, there is not enough insulin to allow it to get into the cells of your body. So in some ways, it's the same as having a low - the cells aren't getting fed. That is why sometimes the symptoms are the same and that is why it's soooooo important to test and not just go by how you feel.


yeah crazyness! thanks for the advice Cora!! i love the word awesome sauce!

this has been a real recent thing for me, I always used to be able to observe a certain type of feeling for whan i was high, and when i was low, just within the past couple of months, I've also increased my testing believe it or not from next to nothing to 15-20 times a day, but i'm seeing that aw man i feel low...moments later after testing, i'm 172, give a unit, 30 minutes later, i'm 220, give 2 more units, hour later and i'm maybe, if i'm lucky 200...then another hour later i'll be around 150 again but man...dude, thats like 2 and a half hours of ish! x__x  

You may have just rebound.  My son has down syndrome and type I and can't talk yet, so I test alot.  I experience that with him.  If I don't catch his low, he rebounds....numbers keep going up.  A rebound for him usually puts him up around 300.  He is 7 and has had diabetes since he was 2.  

This has happened to me so many times as well, and I am always surprised!

This is a rare situation for me, but it will pop up ounce in a great while. Test, don't guess! Easier said then done.

that happens to me ALL the time. I always wake up in the middle of the night feeling low and then i test and i am high. I hate it!!!

Go to Webmed, it gives a great explenation of what may be going on.    


happens to me too..and sometimes reverse, i'll feel like my sugar is high and b certain of it and then i check and its low or about to drop...doesn't happen all the time but when it does it is def aggravating!

I've been having the same thing happen to me several times since last week: I'm shaking and feel kinda dizzy and when I check, my results have been anywhere between 125 and 195! What's all that about??